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Free Vocational Schools

Olga Said:

Help with vocational schools.?

We Answered:

sorry i only know Philadelphia schools

Mathew Said:

tuition free school can i get the Educational Credit or Deductions on my tax return?

We Answered:

No. The tax credit is based on how much you paid. You paid nothing so you get nothing.

Julian Said:

Does anyone offer FREE cosmetic surgeries?

We Answered:

Personally, I think this a spectacularly bad idea, and I would never encourage anyone I cared about to engage in any form of low cost or discount surgery.

This is not an oil change. It's a process requiring incredibly expensive equipment and performed by well trained surgeons. If anything goes wrong its possible for infection and scar tissue to permanently disfigure the body, and the consequences of a botched and infected face lift can be potentially fatal.

An aquantence of mine was once surprised to find her parents returned home early from a vacation to thailand, and then cut off all content with the outside world. Turns out, without telling anyone they found a discount thai plastic surgeon who would perform two facelifts (one on each of them) and a breast enhancement for less than the price of one face lift in the US. The surgical conditions at the clinic they attended were less than sterile, and upon returning home both of them experienced massive swelling and infections throughout the face, to the extent that they were so disfigured they chose to leave all the lights off in the house and cut all contact with the outside world for three months while healing from this insanely tremendous mistake.

While I realise that you may see this as an attempt to help someone in the medical community with their education, in exchange for a service, I strongly urge you to reconsider.

It's your own body, and you're entitled to do with it what you chose though.

Penny Said:

Is Oboma calling upon article 121 of the Soviet Constitution when he proposes his free college plan?

We Answered:

College will never become free in the United States, from what orifice did you pull this idea out of?

You want a free college education that exists, you can go to county college....and receive significantly less of an education.

Claire Said:

What are the benifits of vocational programs in K-12 Schools , academically and developmentally?

We Answered:

Vocational schools can lead someone to a future career that they like. Many of them are lucrative.

Learning how to do things with your hands can be exceedingly useful as a hobby and in repairing things in your home. It can also save you a great deal of money.

Barbara Said:

Why doesn't the government make vocational schools free? Wouldn't that help the economy?

We Answered:

"It wouldnt be 'free' it would come from taxpayer money"

So.... then would it be like all of the bombing stuff that costs to 'taxpayers' hundred of millions bucks just for killing business?

Bombing yes, learning no.... strange country you have...... real strange....
and you are affraid of it, you could die for a country that refuse to help your health care..?

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