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History Vocational Technical Education

Dean Said:

Do I need to take Algebra 2 in order to graduate from high school?

We Answered:

Nope. It's required to at least pass Algebra 2, well at least in my school. (it's in California too.) After that, you don't really have to deal with math.

Janet Said:

What kind of classes should I take in High School?

We Answered:

Without knowing you personally, I can still make a few recommendations here. Obviously, you want to meet your requirements for graduation. They seem to be pretty sound, too - taking all those classes should prepare you well for any college you'd like to attend.

If you want to focus on engineering, I'd recommend challenging yourself with as many AP classes as you can handle in Math and Science. Be sure not to become one-dimensional, though - top schools like Cal Tech and MIT want engineers who can write, too!

You have a few years left, so don't start stressing out too much now. If I were you, I'd look into some summer enrichment programs in the sciences, maybe even as specific as engineering. It will help you determine what aspects of engineering you really enjoy and make class selection *and* the college process a lot easier.

Good luck!

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