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Ma Vocational School

Stephanie Said:

I am considering going to a vocational school to become a medical assistant.?

We Answered:

I have experience as a healthcare recruiter and can tell you honestly that as a new grad medical assistant you are going to have a very hard time finding a position. If you can find a position, you will make $10-$12 per hour (possibly a little more depending on where you live). From the perspective of finding decent paying employment upon graduation, go for the LPN program.

In my opinion, paying $16,000 for something that is going to yield you $12 per hour is not worth it.

Ken Said:

How much do medical assistant instructors make?

We Answered:

I made $20 an hour; the other instructor made $23.00, so somewhere in that ball park.

Geraldine Said:

can i still get into med school/univ. after graduating out of a vocational high school?!?

We Answered:

Medical schools only look at your college transcripts, not your high school transcripts. They won't even know you went to a vocational school. But colleges will, and if you think you won't get into a decent college (such as UMass Amherst), you might want to go back to regular high school.

Leslie Said:

If private vocational school disappeared,what to do?

We Answered:

It sounds like a standoff! But unlike the OK Corral, you can emerge as the big winner, if you play your cards right. The fact you went through the system and did well, provable on supplementary examinations by interested parties, or elective arrangements, is your "ace in the hole". That and human nature which includes curiosity, which you can "play to the hilt", at job interviews, court actions to be granted ratings, and around the watercooler! Contact the National Healthcare Association again, and rather than wanting them to force anything onto anyone, ask about getting tested by someone somewhere to get your wallpaper. Very often, private institutions will cover for closed competitors in this manner, to see that nobody gets shut out of the profession after going the distance in the classroom. All of this will require all the charm you can muster. It sounds like the alternative is to throw $1500 into a big hole and hope a diploma floats out on a balloon! Conversely, if they SHOW you an actual diploma with your name properly on it, and you show them that fistfull of Franklins, an even simultaneous trade can be made. But be advised to take nobody's word for anything at this point, and be prepared to call a crook a crook to their face, and walk away, as you do have the options above described. Some con artist will see it as a valid grift to promise you will be taken care of, and just take your money with that twisted smile. Oh yes, as soon as the diploma is prepared we will mail it to you! Yeah, right! No visible diploma, no money! They are the one's who skipped town, not you! Regards, Larry.

Ray Said:

What school should i choose? Public or Vocational?

We Answered:

you should choose public schools

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What to do if I graduated from one technical college and now want to enter the other one with specialization "Gardening and plants"? Can I do this? I know it sounds crazy, but I've decided.

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I have experience as a healthcare recruiter and can tell you honestly that as a new grad medical assistant you are going to have a very hard time finding a position.

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