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Tech School Ma

Jennie Said:

i am in school for MA and Surg Tech can i get a job in a dr, office that doea minor procedures?

We Answered:

A medical assistant AND a surgical technician? Odd combination--usually surg techs come from CNA-level work. But yes, you might get hired by a doctor who needs both in a single-practitioner setting. Do an internship or it will be hard to find a job.

Leonard Said:

i need to find webpages of all the colleges, tech schools and universities of Ma and Nh?

We Answered:

If you go to the guidance office at your high school, or else, to your local public library, they have books that contain lists of colleges arranged by state. The lists include all the details, like, how much, how big, how competitive, etc. Ask the librarian or guidance officer for help.

Leroy Said:

What program is better Medical Assistant or Patient Care Tech?

We Answered:

PCT are glorified nursing assistants. They do a whole lot of grunt work, such as transferring patients from bed to stretcher, from stretcher to bed, from chair to bed and vice versa. They also are resposible for keeping patients dry and clean, which is a huge problem in nursing homes. They feed patients, change their bedding and clothing (sometimes several times a day for the same patient), and must endure being kicked, slapped, punched, bitten, pissed on and **** on.
Medical Assistants have a much calmer work day, but there is much more demand for PCT. Just keep in mind that benefits for PCT are minimal and that nursing homes expect you to report to work even if you have a migraine headache or food poisoning. The whole nursing home industry is criminal. Hospital work is much better, but harder to get for new grads. The VA is a good employer, as are state run hospitals.

Jessie Said:

What is McCann Tech High School in North Adams, MA???

We Answered:

It's a technical high school. It means they really embrace math and science and engineering. Shouldn't YOU be looking into a school yourself?

Pauline Said:

im looking for an ultrasound tech program in ma or nh?

We Answered:

When thinking about entering an ultrasound program, you need not be concerned so much about certificate vs. degree. What is important is that you go to an ACCREDITED program, whether it is college or hospital based. An accredited program allows you to take your registry (licensing) exams upon graduation. Once you get licensed, you will never be asked about your schooling again. An employer does not care what route you take to get licensed, they just want you to have that license.

Don't waste your time or money on a NON-accredited program. Upon completion and graduation from a NON-accredited program, you must work in the field of sonography for a full year prior to taking your licensing examinations. But, you will have a hard time finding an employer to hire you, unless you are licensed.

I would suggest you observe an imaging department to get an idea of what ultrasonographers do daily. There is much more to it than scanning pregnant women. Most people have no idea how much is involved in this career!

You can find a list of accredited schools in your area, by searching "diagnostic medical sonography" and your state at the following site. There are links provided for each program, which will give you additional information (including course duration and prerequisite courses):…

There are three accredited u/s programs in MA and only one in NH.

Many people, myself included, go to school to become a radiologic technologist, before continuing to ultrasound school. In fact, it can be difficult to get into u/s school without the RT license. There are many more choices for schools for x-ray in most states. You can find them here, by searching “radiography“ and your state:

The pay for ultrasound technologists will vary, depending on experience and geographical location. The American Society of Radiologic Technologists just did a large salary survey, in 2007. You can see how much a RT and/or ultrasound technologist averaged, per year, in your state here:…

Toni Said:

how can i enroll myself in lane tech high school?

We Answered:

Sorry, you can't
They accept no transfer applications.
When I talked to the lady she told me if you're out of town and have an OUTSTANDING GPA [4.0+] you might have a chance
good luck

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