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Technical And Vocational Training

Sarah Said:

what type of full time jobs do not require a college degree or training?

We Answered:

There's always the typical restaurants, grocery stores, etc. that will hire you... but i recently found out about a job that usually requires nothing but a high school diploma.. you could be a document control clerk.
They make really good pay too. Say 15-20 per hour. That's a lot better than the supermarket will pay you.
Document control clerks usually sit behind a desk/computer most of the day and keep files secure and safe for companies. They also file documents. Sounds pretty simple huh? It is. My friend got this job at 21 yrs old and all she has is her high school diploma. She always brags to me about how her paycheck is "bangin" every month. I don't know if this type of job would interest you, but hey, it's a good suggestion!

Good luck finding a job man! :)

Felix Said:

What are the best methods for vocational training, particularly in a technical service field?

We Answered:

Assuming as you posted full degree and certification and your asking about on going training and resourced need for day to day. Also keep in mind what training and such is offered can be very specific, just electrical engineering is very very general.

A current copy of any ASTM or ANSI standards that applied to the work they are doing.

Current standard from UL for any product or device they are working on that apply to their work.

A membership to the appropriate professional society, and yes it is very common for the employers to pay for these memberships. The Professional Societies give the employee professional journals and access to the latest and most up to date information as relates to their field. It will also allow them to go to events that allow them to interface with like professional.

Example IEEE: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

These memberships often give you discounts and access to related training courses, seminars, conferences and books. Some are going to be free and some you'll receive membership discount on.

As to specifically which and how much it really really depends on two things.
1st actual job need to preform. That has to be evaluated by the employee and employer. Certainly update standards will make sure you meet all the industry requirements and keep you from getting caught with your pants down.

Also there is always new technology coming out that improves how everything is done, quick connectors, better wire management systems, longer life parts, etc..... Plus that additional training and information means more flexibility in options, it will make the employee a better troubleshooter. So in theory the more update information any employee has the better for the employer. But is it practical to spend $20,000 a year to receive a savings of only $20? most likely not.

2nd Employee retention: If the employer is interested in keeping their current employee or attacking new ones, on going training is a recognized benefits. Most works are actually happier and more productive if they are learning new skill. If they feel like they are in the game so to speak instead of sitting on the side lines. Most employees feel frustrated when they know there is information out there but they don't have access to it.

In fact it can build to down right resent meant on the employee's part when the employer asks them to solve a problem but denie the employee access to the resources to solving it. Often times you'll find additional training or access to industry information is the resource the employee most needed.

(This comes from an engineer that works with a company that doesn't supplier current standards. It's a total bear when spec information out to different vendors when I can't refer to common industry standards. It can be done but it's not uncommon to got a few round first.)

Norma Said:

hi all, is obtaining ECDL a technical training? Its been asked in job application as such:?

We Answered:

Yes it is, if you have the certificate.
Not a lot of use, unless you are going to work in a office though.

Lorraine Said:

what is vocational-technical training?

We Answered:

It means training, usually in a blue collar field.

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