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Technical School Jobs

Anna Said:

Technical School-- Sonography can you get a job afterward or is it looked down upon?

We Answered:

There are tons of people who go to a technical school for a degree like sonography. It is a specialized field and your schooling digs into every aspect of it. You dont have to learn other areas like you do at 4 year schools. I think its a great way to really learn in the area that you are interested in. I think it looks great on a resume and would be very impressed. It tells me that person is serious about this job because they have done so much training in the field. Plus your classes in Nursing would really make you look great. Go for it!!

Beatrice Said:

What kind of jobs are available for a person graduated from a technical school?

We Answered:

Graduates of this program may pursue career opportunities in a variety of entry-level positions involving criminal justice, including local, state and federal law enforcement jobs in policing, crime commissions, parole and probation, corrections and court systems. The program also offers the academic preparation to pursue a broad spectrum of criminal justice careers in the private sector involving workplace security, private investigations, and insurance investigations as private detectives, safety officers and security patrol officers.

Esther Said:

Which JOBS (trades) earn the most money after technical SCHOOL ?

We Answered:

HVAC business comes in seasons. You work your "butt" off for half the year, and then scrape along for the other half.

Mechatronics is an EXCELLENT field to get into right now.

As for the rest, I suggest you check out a site that ranks jobs by earnings and education required. You may also be interested in the Occupational Outlook Handbook which covers other important factors, such as demand, working conditions, etc...

Elaine Said:

Is it better to go to a Technical School or a University?

We Answered:

There is no definite answer. Some of the most prestigious schools for Engineering are "Technical Institutes" rather than Universities. Among these are:

Cooper Union
Franklin Olin
Harvey Mudd

Rose-Hulman may have the best pure Software Enigneering Bachelor's degree program in the nation.
(Oregon Institute for sure has the best Software Engineering Technology degree program in the USA).

Anne Said:

Is it easier to go to technical school or a university for radiology?

We Answered:

I don't know how it works at that particular school, but it does not matter what school you go to as long as it is accredited. I actually recommend hospital programs, which give you a certificate - better training, less money. A degree doesn't make you any more money as a tech; it's only necessary if you want to go into management or teaching. You can always go back to get your degree after you are a working tech. That's what I did.

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