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Technical School Ma

Glenn Said:

Im 18, i want a baby & i have a good education! What do yout hink of it? no negative answers.?

We Answered:

its not that were trying to be mean.
but were trying to be realistic.
at 18 you reallly dont know what you want.
what you want now is not going to be what you
want in 5 years.
you have to realize that having a baby and being independant
is a big deal.
can you alone afford your own place?
dont just think of it as that..
but you have to buy furniture..
you need a car, insurance, food, gas..
it all adds up.
you can spend up to 200 bucks on diapers a month.
its not cheap.
im not saying dont go get married and have a baby.
i mean i got married when i was 16 years old.
i graduated from high school a year and a half early.
i wasnt just any wife.
but a wife of a marine.
a very hard job to be a military wife.
and at 17 i became a mother.
things arent all easy and rosy.
me and my husband have struggled.
marriage is so much different from dating.
you dont fight about simple things.
you fight about money, rent, and different things.
there are times when i want to kill my husband.
but at the end of the day we are strongly in love.
just really know what you are doing.
because things do change.
you dont always wake up every day and say im in love.
its so much deeper than that.

Neil Said:

Okay I would like to know what is a good school in new york to become a physician assistant?

We Answered:

Try asking a staff member for advice.

Alfredo Said:

Do you think it's best to take up a Medical Assistant program at a junior college or a technical school?

We Answered:

While Medical Assist School is a good education, don't waste your time going. For the money that they require now for the schooling, go to LPN school. You can bridge over to an RN. I went to MA school years ago and it didn't cost half that much. You will be doing the same thing as an LPN but you don't make half the money.

Alberto Said:

What kind of salary could I expect teaching full time at a regional technical college in SC?

We Answered:


Just fill out the paper work.

Andre Said:

Will there be a worcester technical high school bus stop at Frank st. worcster Ma, 01604 ?

We Answered:


Billy Said:

How can I graduate a year early in Alabama?

We Answered:

Speak to your guidance counselor and ask him to explain your options./

Sally Said:

my daughter applied for a pell grant to attend a technical college to take courses to transfer for her Ma?

We Answered:

Schools have a way to check if a student is or has received PELL from other institutions through NSLDS, but it is hard to keep track of everyone - especially transfers and dual enrollment. Regardless of who is at fualt on the school side (as you are not obligated to tell them, it is their burden to know this) it is Federal law that no student can receive Title IV aid from more than one school. That means that not only can she not receive PELL from 2 schools, she cannot receive ACG, SMART or even Federal Stafford loans either (just a note incase PELL was not the only Federal money she received).

The only way you are going to get this money back is if the school is feeling very generous and admits it was their fault and feels obligated to repay you out of institutional money. I would not hold your breath for this to happen.

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