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Technical Training Center

Joyce Said:

Porsche/Ferrari Technical Training?

We Answered:

Katrina Said:

I have plan to build technical training center, pls give me advice.?

We Answered:

give it up!!! first take schooling!!!

Donna Said:

I am planning to open a Engineering software training center in navi mumbai?

We Answered:

Training centers are very much profitable these days. Only thing is you should get good trainers. The registration with an institute doesnt cost much. Initialy cost may involve only on the set up and tools you buy.

Herman Said:

Register a Computer Training Institute in Bangalore?

We Answered:



PHONE 080-5538531
FAX 080-5528531

Loretta Said:


We Answered:

I know that engineer and signalman go to school in Salt Lake city.

Rosemary Said:

How to find out where someone will be stationed during technical training after basic training?

We Answered:

Okay, i dont know about contacting the base and getting his address, but you and your family can find out which base he might be at if you can remember his individual training. Look through the list on this website.

I dont think it woud be such a big deal if you tried to call it's not "hunting him down" but i really doubt they'll do the same as lackland did for you cause the trainees can contact home themselves

Good luck to you my brother did the same thing to his girlfriend about not wanting to call her and stuff. sorry about what the peole are saying to you definately an abuse of what yahoo answers is for

EDIT: There is no limit placed on how many people can attend these events.

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If you are planning to start a technical training center then you might want to get some permission from the brand themselves. Companies like Ferrari do not provide their support easily. So I think you will have to approach them and present yourself and your idea.

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