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Technical Vocational College

Miriam Said:

I'm looking into going to Technical/Vocational College and taking x-ray technician?

We Answered:

The max amount in Pell next year is only 4,700. So no it wouldn't cover the entire cost if the amount you quoted is for a years worth of study. If it is for more than one year you might get closer... but really it depends on how long the program is. You would have to take out student loans to make up the difference. Federal loans are always best with the best interest rates and some of them are "subsidized" meaning the government pays the interest while you are in school Private student loans are evil and should be avoided at all costs.

Given the choice, you should do the Perkins loan first, then subsidized Stafford loans then unsubsidized Stafford. Be aware loans have limits on them. If this is for only one year of study, you will likely have an immediate out of pocket expense for this program.
Good luck.

Everett Said:

Why are college graduates less intelligent than people with vocational or technical training?

We Answered:

They aren't. People with vo-tech training are highly skilled in a specific area. What they do, they do extremely well. And most work with their hands. College graduates may work with their hands as well, but generally use more intellectual means in their work.

This is certainly a reverse snobbish question, which is completely amusing to me. We normally think of snobs as intellectuals looking down on those without college degrees. You've completely turned it around. But neither group should look down on the other. We are all given certain abilities and all have a place in society. Why should one be better than the other???

Kathleen Said:

Difference between a technical college and a vocational/trade college?

We Answered:

The same. I would avoid the ones that are advertised on TV. IE ITT Tech,Everest etc.

Marlene Said:

What is it like to work for a vocational or technical college?

We Answered:

The answer to your question will vary considerably depending on the specific school/college and also whether you intend to work as staff or faculty. On my campus, there is a bit of a rift between staff and faculty, with some faculty having the notion that they are superior to staff and, actually, that staff doesn't even need to be there! Alternatively, you get the feel of post secondary education in a smaller, more intimate environment. Right now, these colleges are trying to cope with record enrollments due to the recession and folks trying to train/retrain for jobs. Unfortunately, the resources have not been increased accordingly, so we are doing more with less.

Melvin Said:

Can you go to college under a high school technical/vocational diploma?

We Answered:

Yes you can. They may require you to take some introductory courses to prove to them that you can handle the workload but since you are at a tech school I doubt they will. Furthermore they may require you to take the ACT/SAT also. Varies by institution etc. I would contact the University that you are planning on attending and speak with an admissions counselor or make an appt. and go see them directly. They can better answer all your questions about the transfer aspects. You might not be able to transfer any of your credit or it might be all transferred...again it is up to the institution and its policies. You most likely want to stay in state or you might pay a hefty penalty on out of state tuition which can be up to 100% or more of the base tuition for in state students. Expect to spend some time asking lots of questions and get things in writing prior to accepting or switching schools...specifically if your current credit counts towards your new degree choice. Have them put in writing which credits count and which don't. Courses with D's and F's will not usually transfer...sometime C's will not or they will make you take them over to show competency. Additionally, don't be surprised if nothing or only part of your credits transfer....and you still might have to take all the recommended coursework the new university requires. You might be starting all over again!

William Said:

What do you think about trade/ vocational or Technical schools verses college?

We Answered:

Are you a thinker or a doer? How did you do in school? Can you express thoughts on paper, completely, accurately? Are you creative and can do original thought? Are you willing to spend a lot of time learning about things you'll don't "really" need to know - unless you plan to play Jeopardy some day?

It's good to have a skill/trade that pays the bills, then you can pay for college.

Carrie Said:

What is the difference between a vocational school and a technical college?

We Answered:

A vocational school offers many career choices in many different fields. They teach you a trade. A technical college offers career choices in technical fields, such as computer programming, electronics technician, electronics engineer, etc. Anytime you choose to further your education is a good choice and either one of these types of schools are good choices, depending on what you want to study. Good luck.

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