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Technical Vocational Institute

Paul Said:

Whats the difference between going to a college and a vocational institute?

We Answered:

When you go to a college/university, you're aim is mainly to get a certain degree or qualification to attach to your resume. A vocational school is more of getting a particular skill in a shorter time frame. So, if you go to the university for the same course you will have a better looking resume, but it will definitely take longer. You have to ask yourself, "Do I want a nice resume?", or "Do I want to finish school quicker so I can begin my career?" Your life, your choice.

Daisy Said:

whats the difference between going to a college and a vocational institute?

We Answered:

The purpose of a 2 year vocational school is to get you ramped up as fast as possible so you can go straight into the market working in your specific field. The knowledge you gain from your vocational training will be fresh in your head, and you will be able to apply it rapidly to your new job.

A 4 year college is a more rounded education that exposes you to a variety of thoughts and ideas so you will be a more well rounded employee. You will not only know about your specific field of study, but you will know business, history, science, etc.

There are pros and cons of both methods. In a traditional 4 year college, you may find that you do not remember much of what you learned in your first 1 to 2 years, or that the technology has moved beyond what you learned that long ago. If you deal with technology, vocational schools can really be a good choice. I do not know much about Fashion, but I would imagine that the trends change rapidly and what you did 4 years ago will be very obsolete when you go to get a job.

Talk to people in the programs at each school and see what they have to say. Remember- you will be talking to sales people who's job is to sell you education. Treat them as you would a car salesman.

Charlotte Said:

Technical Institutes in NC fo Nursing programs?

We Answered:

Call your state dept of nursing education and registration. It should be listed under the state licensing agencies in the blue pages. Or check their website. They will be able to let you know about all of the programs for nursing education in the state.

Wayne Said:

Education System in ur country? i want to know more?

We Answered:

I use to live in America. Pre-school is for the little kids. its optional, but most kids go.
We have a thing called Elementary School which is 6 years long (kindergarten and 1st grade to 5th grade)
then you go to middle school (also known as Junior High) which is 3 years long (6th grade to 8th grade)
and then high school which is 4 years (9th grade to 12th grade)
and college is optional. which depends on what your career will be and what youre interested in becoming.

if anyone fails any grade they just repeat it.

I just moved to Czech Republic which is in Europe and I was suprised by the different school system.
they go to kindertarden.
Then they have primary school which is 5 years long.
then secondary school is 4 years long.
and then you have an option if you want to continue to something sort of like high school which is 4 years long. there they choose your career for you. after, if you pass, you can go to college.

Cory Said:

Do you have a career or a job?

We Answered:

i'm 30 and have what you would call a career... but i'm not sure this will be the career for the rest of my life.
i have a business degree and a math degree. i use both management skills and analytical skills.... so both of my degrees are worth it. i'm a Project Manager.

also..when you say "each job is a progression." that is not only the case. however, each job is always an opportunity to learn something new. you HOPE it leads to a progression in your job...but that is not always the case!!!

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