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Texas Technical Institute

Marcia Said:

Has anyone completed the ITT final project of the CNS career? If so please help.?

We Answered:

what do you want

Audrey Said:

Anyone who has attended Itt Technical Institute and has got a job for the field you studied in?

We Answered:

Hi. I just graduated from ITT Tech, Richardson Campus, on March 06. There had been obviously good and bad part about the school. I have also attended a community college and experienced the same thing. My big advice to you is that wherever you go, public or private, it is you who can make the best out of it. It is always the effort that you put in to understand the materials. So many of my class mates had been fooling around not tring to educate themselves. As most of these employer have Basic electronics test to see knowledge you earn around electronics. It is obvious that if you dont know the material, you won't pass it. You have to try a little harder to get where you want to be. Like I said, I just graduated on march 06 and got so many offer before i finished school. Now i am working for company name Schlumberger as Field support/Electronic Technician and offered $44,000 / year. What i am advicing is what you put in. Good luck and feel free to shoot me few lines if you need more info.

Brett Said:

Mail and E-mail From Colleges Worth Responding To?

We Answered:

They probably are based on your PSAT scores. Schools are getting started earlier and earlier identifying students who may end up having certain strengths and trying to recruit them. My guess is that you live in the South, as all of these colleges are in that region, and you have shown capability in math, so they are hoping to interest you in them.

Ninth grade is way too early to make up your mind about where you want to go to school. Try not to feel too pressured by any of this, because you don't want to cut of potential opportunities which might arise over the next three years.

Having said that, a couple of these schools, namely Vanderbilt and Rice, are really outstanding. The University of Miami is very good, although not quite at the same level, and Renssalaer and TCU are also good schools. I don't know anything about the others, several of which don't seem to be actual schools.

Alvin Said:

Which University is best for receiving a degree in Criminal Justice?

We Answered:

Texas State University San Marcos

Texas State was named a Best Western College for 2008 by the Princeton Review.

The College of Applied Arts offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Jennifer Said:

Questions about Universal Technical Institute?

We Answered:

Why would somebody pay 25,000 to go to a school with out real professors or teachers? Your being taught by mechanics. Why not just get a job at a shop and work your way up?

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