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Manuel Said:

How can I find a sponsor for school?

We Answered:

You have to find someone who will believe you will do your best at college and maintain at least decent grades.I could tell you to look for a grant for financial aid but most are probably taken by now as the start of school approaches.....I'll post a few anyway.
Have you talked to community college or vocational advisors?They may be able to direct you better on what course or courses you need so as to alleviate some of your time and also guide you on what is necessary.Tell your advisor of what your intentions are....going to Tex A&M...
The two links below are seperate A&M locations....but they are an abundance of information.....the one at Kingsville has for example....student doesn't mean you have to go to that one in peticular.....just be aware of what options are there....
Option your full scholarship for it's term.Your not only getting experience but learning as you study.The requirements for your major will decrease when you finally get to your goal.
I know you will not have enough money by the end of your scholarships end.By that time you may not want to go.....last and I hate to mention this but 3rd option(plan out a bit in advance)
As quirky it may sound.....go to small businesses(work street by street and not sporadic here and there) around your immediate area.Ask to speak to the owners.Keep record of it and give a receipt.Ask for $100 donations(for owners they are tax deductable).If you can get 50 small businesses to donate(even if it's not 100) keep that money in the bank and do not touch it for anything but your goal.It will draw a small amount of interest by the time your ready to use it.Why keep record of it? In case your asked you have proof of where the money came from.....besides when your swimming in the big might be able to pay it back as good faith jesture even though it's a donation.....quirky?yes.....unattainable…
Good luck on your higher education!

Brent Said:

Where can I locate a Sponsor for college?

We Answered:

.First of all, there is no such thing as a sponsor for college. You can apply for scholarships. Contact A&M and find out what scholarships are available for your intended major and apply for them. I hate to burst your bubble, but unless you kick butt in sports--no one is going to offer you a free ride at a major university. I would suggest that you continue at the community college and earn an associate’s degree and then transfer over to A&M. More then likely, you will have to take out federal student loans to help pay for your education. Federal student loans are not bad. I myself had to take 24K out to help cover the cost of my schooling. You do not make payments while in school. Once you leave or graduate from school, you have six months before you have to start repayment. If you are having trouble landing a good job, you can apply for forbearance or deferment. That will give you a year without payments or reduced payments. I struggled to get money up for school; after the first year at community college, I decided the debt was worth it to go to a real university. There is no fairy god mother to help you; she's too busy gushing over the quarterback of the local high school football team. It sucks that the jocks get the free ride, while people like us with the "A" average have to go into debt.
Check out: . Find the section that is for students. There you will find a link to the federal financial aid programs. Good luck

Martha Said:

My mom is going to quit her job and family falling apart because of me ?

We Answered:

First off, she should not have loaded all of that on you -- you're the kid. And it is definitely not your fault your mom and her husband are maybe going to break up. Life is about handling the stuff that comes your way and they obviously don't know how to cope -- that's when stuff really matters, how you deal with the hard parts in life and whether they love each other enough to stick by each other.

Hmm, how old are you? I would suggest dropping the sports for now until you can either drive or until her work schedule gets better. I would pick the good high school over the sports.

But don't blame yourself for what adults are supposed to be doing -- they are the ones who are supposed to handle the big issues and you are supposed to focus on being the kid (a respectful kid, of course).

Never ever believe it when someone tries to blame you for stuff going wrong in their life. It will happen a lot in our lives. They're human so they make this mistake of blaming other people. Good luck

Tonya Said:

Which school to pick?

We Answered:

If you want to go back home, you should step up and confront your mom and dad and tell them you do not like the school and you wish to return to your old school...

Armando Said:

If i go to a vocational school.Would it hinder my chances of getting into a ivy league college? read for more?

We Answered:

I think it would depend on what you are going to vocational school for. If it will apply towards your major in college then it will look good that you are preparing ahead of time. Or it may be best to stay in HS and take college prep or advanced courses.

I went to vocational school my senior year for 3 periods and the grade that I got in those classes was counted towards my GPA in my HS and I still graduated high in my class. You may want to talk with your counselor to know for sure.

Sue Said:

parents who have home schooled their children please help me!?

We Answered:

Every state is different. Contact the Homeschool Legal Defense Association for more information on what the requirements are for your state.

We are homeschooling our five kids and we purchase our curriculum from Sonlight and other sources. They can also suggest which curricula are best for college-prep in the subjects you mention.

Fortunately, there's tons of help out there for the homeschooling parent. Good luck.

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