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Vo Tech Schools

Katrina Said:

Are there Vo Tech Schools in North Augusta SC?

We Answered:

I found a vocational high school in SC, however, I'm not sure if it's in your locale or not. I'll email you so that it's more private and confidential. Please forgo those private overpriced For-profit beauty/tech schools such as 'paul mitchell, the school', 'aveda institute', 'toni guy', 'empire beauty', 'regency', 'marinello' and instead consider the more affordable County Vo-Tech school (or Community College) as long as the program is accredited within the industry. It might take the cosmetology graduate a couple of years to 'get a book' (of regular customers) before Possibly makiing a decent salary. Then the person may be struggling to pay for rent and other expenses in addition to repaying all of those student loans. One can go to the more affordable vocational school and then take continuing education classes which is usually required anyway :)

These consumer sites have negative posts by former students about those private $$ for-profit beauty/tech schools:



- and can type into search.

For general career info: and can search 'barbers and cosmetologists' or such.

US colleges (including community colleges):

Rita Said:

Questions about vo-tech schools?

We Answered:

Yes. High school is a preparatory for college so if you couldn't go to college then there wouldn't be such a school.


Troy Said:

what are the requirements to get into a vo-tech school?

We Answered:

It depends on the school, of course, but generally you need to be interviewed. They look for decent grades (some sign of effort, no failing grades), interest in at least one of their majors, and a good personality. Good luck! :o)

Enrique Said:

Can I still go to college if I go to a vo-tech school?

We Answered:

GO TO COLLEGE! I can't emphasize this enough. If you really want a successful future. Get yourself a college degree. Think about it this way, students graduating with college degrees are finding it hard to get jobs. Most employers will choose someone with a degree over someone who goes to a technical school.
I understand you don't know what you want yet. But technical school's are expensive and they really won't help you much. In college you have the opportunity to study many things and see what you really like. No from my understanding, you cannot go to both at the same time. Unless you have all the time in the world and all the money in the world.

Violet Said:

Does Vo-Tech schools provide he right preparation for college?

We Answered:

she will most likely be more rounded than the student who takes just college prep courses. She may have to take a few extra courses depending on her major, but if she chooses a major related to her trade, she will be head of those that do not have her experience,

Milton Said:

with an i.e.p what is and (where)are some vo-tech schools and is vesid one of them?

We Answered:

I hope the are links helpful!




List of Approved Schools…

Gregory Said:

Are you able to go to a vo tech school and still work in a hospital with out going to a college?

We Answered:

sure, I doubt as a medical professional or working with people's care and health, but there are jobs in a hospital that require just a vocational education.

If you are talking about being a doctor or nurse with a vocational education, then no.

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Not sure if there is one Vo Tech Schools in North Augusta but surely there is one in SC. My friend studies there, but that is not really good I would not recommend that, would suggest you to look more.

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