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Vocational Education And Training

Michelle Said:

What does a 3.5 year vocational training (degree in electronics) in Germany compare to in the us?

We Answered:

It's in between a US Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Applied Science probably equal to a post-secondary 3-year vocational certificate.

We lean heavily to a liberal arts model in all degrees in the US. If you were to add a course each in literature, history, government, and a social science it would probably be directly equivalent to an Associate of Applied Science plus some extra courses. [this assumes your program required maths and physics already] The extra courses probably level it up to the Bachelor of Applied Science but without the liberal arts core of courses we'd require of a bachelor's degree in the US.

The total of years isn't the important part. The level and breadth of the education is what is measured for equivalency.

One would have to examine the course list and transcripts though to exactly relate the equivalency. There are services that do exactly that and will convert it into terms US companies would understand better.

Joanne Said:

education is incomplete without vocational training is the topic for the article plz anyone help me?

We Answered:

Formal education is a wonderful thing. In the sciences, we get to ask questions like, "What is there? Why is it there?" In things like engineering or medicine we get to ask things like "What is wrong?" and "Would this fix it?" In the arts we get to ask questions like "Would it be more beautiful if we did this or if we did that?" The practical advantage of a liberal arts college education is usually so we can ask questions like "Would you like fries with that?"

The liberal arts were originally a sort of basic education expected of those in the upper classes, or those in the lower classes who expected to be accepted to do business with the upper classes. They were the trivium and quadrivium. The trivium were grammar, rhetoric, and logic. You used these to learn, to learn to think, and to communication what, or even that, you learned. The quadrivium included arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. These were intended to broaden a cultured person's mind beyond just the vocational cares of the menial labors of common humanity. Even those cultured souls who were graced with a liberal arts education were expected to understand at least one of the vocational arts. They were expected to be able to do things like plant gardens, harvest crops, work with wood or stone, etc. whether they would engage in it for their livelihood or not.

Today, we have this turned on its ear. We figure that the liberal arts will sustain us for our basic living, which it was never originally intended for. We learn a trade or vocation--and we broaden (liberal) our minds with the world beyond mere work. An education without a vocational component is frosting without cake, bullets without a gun, or saddle without a horse.

Susan Said:

Do you think allowing foreign universities in India is the right decision?

We Answered:

There is no issue bringing in higher education on a global scale. The fear is that Indian brokers are the most corrupt lot and they can influence foreigners into shady education programs and lure them for making easy money. It is the same thing like IPL.

Curtis Said:

how to join india army in 10+2 (vocational)?

We Answered:

dear pashupathy,

l'me tell u that after 12th u have three options:

a) NDA( National Defence Exam)
b)Complete graduation first class & aply CDSE(Combined defence services Exam)
c)finish Master's first or second class & aply through CDSE.

.,?.,? .,? as far as +2(voc'l) i really doubt, i feel u need to think 'bot b or c, as suggested.

Norma Said:

Do Marxist thinkers have a problem with vocational education.?

We Answered:

It's an interesting question about Marxist theory and I'm mulling it over. In a way, a technical ed/apprenticeship career has remnants of a feudal relationship...but also, hands-on work is less alienating in that Marxist sense of the word. Isn't being, say, being a bricklayer more likely to result in your controlling the means of production? Ow, my head hurts; I think I'm done trying to remember all this university-level Marxist theory stuff. ;)

To answer your other questions, I'd prefer to hear that some of their students don't enter university. That's not for everyone, and there are many other wonderful ways to live than the academic life. Not a single one of them starts her/his own business? Not a single one of them travels the world and ends up a circus performer in Bhutan? Not an artist or rock musician among them? Man, how dull! I don't think I want to meet these boring people.

Rhonda Said:

Please tell me how to relate Human Capital Theory or any related theory to vocational training evaluation?

We Answered:

Since you have not gotten any answers yet, I'll take a chance. I'm not a professional in this area.

Human Capital is the resource of the labor market. The people who are (a) employable, and (b) looking for work, comprise the "labor pool." The skills that labor pool possess is a part of the wealth of a country. The more highly skilled workers a country has, the more productive it can potentially become.

Vocational training, and the evaluation of various vocational training programs, relates to improving the human capital, because it makes people more employable and more skilled. So the better the vocational training programs, whether for the handicapped or simply unemployed workers, the better the human capital. That is, the more wealth the country has, at least in potential.

The problem is, many countries find that as soon as the workers get well trained, they want to move elsewhere. This is often called "brain drain," and results in a net loss to the nation's economy. Such a country must then develop incentives for the educated and skilled workers to remain near home.

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Your answer to every question is very appropriate and informative. It is true that education without vocational component is like a frosting without cake. I didn't know about importance of vocational training but you explain it very nicely. Your blog is big source of guidance and information for students. I agree with your point that countries are facing problem like brain drain that after get trained people move elsewhere. Governments should give incentives to skilled people so that they become a real benefit for their own nation.

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