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Vocational School Ma

Salvador Said:

On the medical scale who is higher than who, MA or LVN?

We Answered:

LVN is higher than MA.

Leon Said:


We Answered:

you put some college and in the education section, you put the school you are attending and the anticipated graduation date (if you will allow you to enter a future date).

Penny Said:

Medical Assistant and Hemodialysis technician program?

We Answered:

Please forgo those private $$ schools especially for MA which there are limited jobs for these days. I'm not sure about dialysis tech and the opportunities out there. Just about all schools, especially the expensive ones, tout how they have a high success rate of employment and that they help with job search, however, they don't usually have more leads than the local sunday paper or a job site. I would suggest looking into the county vo-tech school or community college. Please keep in mind that the job of a cna may be very mentally and physically exhausting.

General career info: and search 'nursing, psychiatric and home health aides', 'medical assistants' or such.

Vernon Said:

How do I become an RN?

We Answered:

If you're just chasing that green ($$), then you will never make it as a RN. The medical field is not for anyone and it's very hard work. Money isn't everything, and if I thought it was I surely would not be a CNA. They get paid so little, but the job is rewarding and very satisfying. I am also in the process of becoming a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant and a Certified Medical Transcriptionist! =]

Bessie Said:

IF i am a MA do i have to go to LVN or can i go for RN?

We Answered:

As your training as a medical assistant will not apply to either program, you have your choice.

LPNs provide a necessary part of the services in our current health structure.

However, you would have almost twice the income, and significantly more job opportunities if you were an RN.

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