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Vocational Schools Ma

Gertrude Said:

does this make any sense to anyone else?

We Answered:

You are being taken for granted from what it sounds like. I would shop for another job. How long have you worked there? I wouldnt quit just yet, make sure you land another job first, but from the way you put it, your skills deserve to be used somewhere else. If you are new, you have to remember that everyone has to pay dues. If you are paying more than what you owe, I would look for a more professional enviroment to put your culinary skills to work. Maybe you should ask to bake or cook. The squeeky wheel gets oiled. I would ask first (respectfully) and if they give you the run around I would look for another job while I still worked there.

William Said:

I want to become a registered nurse. Do you like my plan?

We Answered:

I think this looks like a terrific plan. The Vo-Tech school program offers a great combination of coursework and hands-on experience in real life health care settings. Just be sure that you take the proper classes in high school to prepare you for the college nursing curriculum. Take a look at a few websites for colleges that offer BSN's and see what the requirements are for entry into their programs. You also could read up on nursing careers at the American Nurses Association ( and the National Student Nurses Association (

Leroy Said:

Can you answer this??....job/education Question Please?

We Answered:

What is your issue here? If she got a GED, she could certainly be in a vocational training program now, or some training programs allow a student to earn their GED and then continue into the actual program.

Sounds like this woman may be trying to better herself with an education. More power to her for that. It can't be easy with her past academics, lack of finances, and kids to care for. Why aren't you cheering for her efforts to improve her options and her working life?

I don't get this at all. . . .what is the problem?

Louis Said:

Choosing a college major,between Teaching and Nursing?

We Answered:

If all things are equal, nursing (RN not LPN) pays a lot better than teaching. However, if you are really passionate about kids and education then teaching might be more rewarding for you (especially if you could teach at your children's school). Careers that combine both are pediatric nurses, school nurses, or nurses who also work with public education (like representing and educating about some health campaign at schools). Both careers have a fairly high instance of burning out, and both are in high demand so there's fairly decent job stability.

School-wise, you can complete an RN certification in 2 years and it will require a lot of science (biology, anatomy, physiology) and practical courses. A teaching degree usually takes 4 years, though sometimes you can do a 1 year certification program if you already have a bachelor's degree, and it requires a lot of psychology and education courses.

Nurses can have pretty flexible schedules, depending on the hospital. It seems like usually you can pick between doing five 8 hour shifts per week or three 12 hours shifts plus an extra shift every three weeks. I knew a nurse who worked part-time and only did three- four 12 hour shifts every 2 weeks and still had enough money to buy a house and go on vacations. Of course, teachers work school hours plus an hour before and after school, and get summers off. But you also have to keep in mind that there might be extra hours put in for lesson plans and correcting which eat into your evenings.

Maybe you should see if you could shadow a teacher or nurse for a day to see which would be a good fit? Or talk to people you know who work in those professions. Good luck.

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