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Vocational Secondary School

Katherine Said:

How to promote my new Christian fellowship to my senior secondary co-ed vocational sch in a school assembly?

We Answered:

as you think

Marie Said:

In Germany they refer to a college or university as what? Please Help?

We Answered:

I think these are various options in the German educational system for high school (or secondary school) aged students. They don't correspond to the University level. You may want to write in U.S. high school (12th grade) and then find another space to write something about the credits earned at your University.

I haven't been too impressed with any of the sites out there describing the German educational system, but here are a few links anyhow:………

Good luck with your job search.

Jordan Said:

What are the benefits and/or disadvantages of vocational training while in high school?

We Answered:

The benifits of vocational training while in high school are:

1.they prepare you for competitive exams
2.they r benificial 4 future as they r the solutions 4 an educated unemployed.
3.they sharpen ur wits and make u self-dependent. is easier 4 u to crack national level exams and perform better.

Zachary Said:

Vocational Schools?

We Answered:

Are you in the US? If so, the best place to get this information is from the school you're interested in. Some have free scholarship and grant money available from the state for residents, and if the school has accreditation you may also be able to apply for federal student loans through the school

Marion Said:

Difference between the 4 secondary schools Hauptschule, Realschule, Gymnasium, Gesamtschule?

We Answered:

I can give you information on the first three schools.
(This is the information that I have for Bavaria (Bayern).

Grundschule - Grades 1-4. (Only in Bavaria and one other German country, the teachers decide whether the child goes to the Realschule or the Gymnasium. Statistics from an article in the newspaper showed that somehow, for whatever reason, 2/3 of children with foreign backgrounds end up in the Hauptschule....which means severely reduced chance of going to an university.

In the 4th grade of the Grundschule, students are sorted out by their grades in German, Math, and a course called HSU...(fuzzy studies).

A 2.33 combined and a 2.0 in Math and German gets you into the Gymnasium.

A 2.66 combined and a 2,5 in Math and German gets you into the Realschule.

3.00 and higher, and you can apply to take an almost impossible test to try to qualify for the Realschule or the Hauptschule. (Many people don't even bother, because the teachers and the parents know it's virtually impossible to pass.)

Hauptschule - Grades 5-8 or 9.

Hauptschule - Quali - When a student finishes the 8th class, then he/she gets something called a 'Quali'. Most students go to the 'Berufschule', (vocational school), to learn a trade after earning their Quali. If the student is lucky, he/she may get an apprenticeship in a business, but it is difficult with a 'Quali' education.

Hauptschule - Mittlere Reife (Realschule qualification)
A good Hauptschule student can qualify to attend something translated as the 'M-Way'. These grades start from the 7th class and end in the 10th class. This qualification should supposedly be equivalent to a Realschule qualification, but an insider told me that students that have this qualification are not treated the same as a 'real' Realschule qualification.

Inside information or the real scoop. (Hauptschule Student=Loser) Anybody with any ambition or sense tries to avoid the Hauptschule if all possible. Everybody knows it's virtually a dead end, (no matter what anyone writes and says), and I took it as a personal insult when the teachers honored my children in sending them there. I felt helpless, because as I said before, people who live in Bavaria don't have any power as to where the teachers, (and they are very subjective), send your kids to school. I've done tutoring, and my kids aren't any better or worse than the other kids...the only kids have a foreign background...and I guess that the teachers see my kids fit for only vocational work.

Students still have a realistic chance in the 5th and 6th grades of the Hauptschule to qualify for the Realschule, Gymnasium or a place called the Wirtschaftschule. (This is business school, and it usually begins in the 7th grade.)

Children from the Hauptschule can choose to go to work or to try to further their education by going to school and trying to qualify for FOS (Fachoberhochschule) or BOS (Berufoberschule...for students that have had a job.) FOS and BOS usually take three years to complete. But once, completed, the student has earned his/her Abitur which is required for university.

Hauptschule students especially have a hard time, because the level of the education and the competence of the teachers in the Hauptschule school are they have problems in FOS or BOS classes. (Source....Currently experiencing this situation, and not at all happy.)

Realschule - ('Mittlerer Reife' qualification) It is NOT a school for students if they only want to go to vocational school.

Germans are usually satisfied when their children are sent to the Realschule instead of the Gymnasium...(Just please!!! not the Hauptschule.) With a Realschule qualification, (Grades 5-10), a student is able to get a better job or to go to FOS, (as explained above), for two years. After finishing FOS, the student has earned his/her Abitur and a ticket to university.

Inside information - A Realschule qualification is nothing to be frowned upon. It's a good qualification, because students are able to get good jobs in an office, or go straight into FOS without the many problems that a Hauptschule student would face. The teachers and classes are generally better.

In my opinion, it's the most flexible of the qualifications, because students are able to go many ways from the 7th class of the Realschule....the Math way, the Business way, or the Language name a few....and it's not so limited as the Gymnasium or the Hauptschule.

Gymnasium - Grades 5 -12....(not to the 13th class anymore in Bavaria.) Your information is correct about this school. Upon completion, students can get a job, but the purpose of going to the Gymnasium is to obtain one's Abitur and study at university.

Personal Opinion - I find that the educational system in Germany to be lacking in flexibility and fairness. It seems to be no hope for students who mature later on in life or cannot get along with such a rigid system since most of the decisions in the Bayern school system are made for students in the 4 grade. There is also a lot of nepotism and favoritism that goes on for the children of the elite or academia. Statistically, the children of these people shouldn't be that much better than 'normal' children, and for me they are over-represented in the Gymnasium.

Melinda Said:

What is the procedure to start vocational courses at senior secondary level in CBSE affiliated school?

We Answered:

why you not login

Beverly Said:

What is the U.K equivalent for ammattiopisto, audiovidual communications ?

We Answered:


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