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Vocational Technical Education

Donna Said:

Should I be worried about our relationship?

We Answered:

I think you need to sit down with him and say " Do you feel our relationships deteriorating?"

Wallace Said:

I've caught a cold and it wont go away?

We Answered:

The best solution would be to rest for a day or two. You can still study in bed though. Drink lots of fluids and eat as much as you can. Eating is vital in this case. Or, the other way out of this illness could be the intake of medicines. Which, in my opinion worsen the condition. It actually multiplies the harmful cells infliterated in your body.
I myself, have a mild flu and fever, but im trying to fight it by following my regular routine as much as i can.

Tell your mother to serve you something to eat after every hour or two (something light should be good).

You can stretch your body in bed, for atleast 5-10 minutes to compensate for exercise enervation. Although it can't be compared to 4 hours of exercise.

Hope you get better soon :)

Actually, yes, you can go to Tafe. Cover yourself properly, as the weather is extremely dangerous. Even the fittest is susceptible to illness. I'm really fit, but i still sustained a fever and flu. It's just this horrible weather. Nothing wrong with you.
Try to increase the amount of sleep you get. Maybe that's weakening your immune system. Your body would probably need adequate rest. Try to eat as much as you can! Just make sure you don't have a loose stomach or Diarhhea.
No, don't work out. It will increase your body temperature, thus, an increment in fever intensity. You need to preserve cals for recovery aswell. So, don't workout till you get better. Do aerobic instead. A few jumps, pushups maybe (only if you get a little better) in the mean time, do stretching.

Eileen Said:

What schooling do you need to own your own bakery?

We Answered:

Business technology is the right answer. It gives you Flexibilaty and owning is different from running a bakery. A course in Entrepreneurship would be good as well. Oh, read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber

June Said:

For High School Students?

We Answered:

I work with Kids, I will read every post, sorry about posting, not in High school, but I work in a Juvenile Court and this information is very important to me. I get to make decision on kids and this information will help young people. Thanks ! again sorry for posting, 55 and alive.

Steven Said:

Am I smart enough to be a mechanical engineer?

We Answered:

It all depends on you. You can do it if you decide to work for it. Its funny - the people I went to school with who were getting the best grades weren't the most academically advanced ones... they were the hardest workers. "Smarter" usually = lazier = dumber in the long run.

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