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Vocational Trade School

Laura Said:

What is a Good Trade to learn and what vocational school is good to attend?

We Answered:

Making sure you have a solid trade isn't strange, it's smart. You have something to fall back on, if your degree doesn't get you a job right away. I work in cable, I started in residential installation, and my first week I worked 15 hours and made $680 cash. I never looked back, I have worked there for eight years and have changed job titles a couple times, but I am making over 100 G a year. There is always work, it might not always be in your neighborhood if your in a small city, but there is always work.

Gwendolyn Said:

What is the general tuition cost of a vocational/trade school?

We Answered:

If you are looking for one class, then very cheap since it would be continuing education...under 200 dollars at most places...but if you are looking into a vocational school like one of those on t.v. commercials during the day, prepare to pay big bucks. Be careful, and avoid those places. I considered going to one about a year ago instead of finishing up at community college. They sat everyone down in a room to fill out financial aid paperwork...then when I realized what they were asking us to do, it was requesting 10,000.00 dollars in loans. With that "certificate" it would be impossible to get a job well enough to pay it back. So, look into your local community college district, they have all sorts of programs...usually several campuses that will over different things. For instance, you could get a certificate in air conditioning repair or computer programming for free if you have finanical aid. Talk to a community college, and apply for financial aid by going to is free to apply and as long as you do it early and you or your parents (if you are a dependent student) do not exceed income requirements you are good to go...probably with money left over in your pocket.

Marlene Said:

I am a felon going to a vocational school which trade do you think would be more benificial for me?

We Answered:

i would say automotive. you will have alot of job opps and could even do side jobs for extra fiance is a felon and he went to vocational school to do computer and machine repair and he loves it.......

Jeanette Said:

What Trade or Vocational school career should i go into.?

We Answered:

Anything with computers will be your ticket to success and lots of cash today.

Erin Said:

Is vocational/trade school worth it?

We Answered:

There is no shame in learning a trade. That;'s best done through a formal apprenticeship — usually four years. "Trade Schools' are normally just "pre-apprenticeship" for the complex trades.

Tracy Said:

Would u drop out of vocational trade school if none of the students like u at all?

We Answered:

No. It's a school not a social occasion; it's about your education and you learning to do something that you want to learn how to do.
Ignore them.
Maybe you are a better student and they don't like the pressure...whatever their reasons, you're not there to be their friend.
Sounds harsh but you'll find that you can't be friends with everyone...even if you really want to.

Diana Said:

I went to a vocational high school where you learn a trade?

We Answered:

you would chose vocational/ trade since it was a vocational school, it does not affect your chances of getting the job, it's mostly for reference and proof of High school completion

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