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Applied Vocational Training

Jim Said:

What are some jobs that offer health insurance and have minimal training/schooling?

We Answered:

Maybe you could be lucky and get a job at the post office. They make good money and get benefits. Practice for the test though. You want to do good on it and if they offer you a part-time position, take it, that is how a lot of people get their foot in the door for a better position. Good luck.

Carolyn Said:

Job corps alternatives?What else is out there?

We Answered:

Having worked at Job Corps for the last 8 years I think Job Corps is a wonderful opportunity for any young person who is willing to work the program. I agree with the other two responses, military is about it for all the free benefits you obtain. If you are concerned about 'getting into Job Corps' I would certainly put your best foot forward by calling your recruiter on a regular basis and let them know you are really interested in attending; establish goals for yourself about what you will do once you get there; and be timely with requested documentation. All Job Corps are managed a little differently, so you may want to check out more than one, if you have more than one in your state. Take a tour and ask good questions. Good luck in your journey!

Wallace Said:

Your opinions on vocational schools?

We Answered:

I am not a very big fan of vocational schools simply because you can receive the exact same education from a vocational school at a community college for a fraction of the price. I say this because my brother was also not interested into going to college after high school so he decided to become a mechanic and enroll at a vocational school that specializes in mechanics called the Lincoln Technical Institute in Grand Prairie, Tx. It was the worst mistake of his life. Not only was the school OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE ( the total cost of tuition for only a year's worth of school was approximately $19,000, NO JOKE), he ended up taking a Fannie Mae Loan for $20,000 with payments at $500.00 a month . On top of that he wasn't even able to finish his schooling because he couldn't afford to pay for both school and his apartment and other bills. He ended up dropping out and joining the army but he is still stuck with a $19,000 loan. On top of that, if he ever wants to go back to that school he would have to retake another loan out for another $20,000. He could have actually gone to community college and gotten the same education there through the continuing education department for a whole lot less. What ever it is that you're interested in, I strongly advise you to go to your local community college because they have so many resources that they can help you with from career counseling to financial aid advising. You may qualify for scholarships or grants which is free money from the government that you do not have to pay back. They can also help you with job placement too. Not every body is cut out for a four year degree but even so, at least go and ask for some information at your local community college to see what they could help you with. Best of Luck to you.

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