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Career School Training

Patsy Said:

I am a senior in High school and am interested in a career/ training for an Ultrasound Tech, what do i need?

We Answered:

Here's a link to the program at my school:…

Each school will vary slightly in their courses, but this will give you a pretty good idea of what you'll have to do. It's a 4-year course, ending in a BS. You begin by getting an Associates degree in Radiological Sciences, and then continue the rest of your degree by choosing an emphasis. The emphasis you are looking for is the one called "Diagnostic Medical Sonography."

Prerequisites for gaining entry into the program will vary by school. My school will pretty much take anyone who has completed high school or obtained their GED, but an Ivy League school is obviously going to want more.

As for other prerequisites, it would just depend on the hospital/doctor's office where you applied for employment. Some, like my local hospitals, do a criminal background check before hiring someone.

Good luck to you!

Marion Said:

Why would you oppose to majors/ career training in high school? Please state why.?

We Answered:

If students focus on one subject too early they loose a breadth of education. An engineering major would never learn history and may not be an informed voter. A literature major may never learn science and therefore not know how their actions affect global warming. A person who focuses on learning how to be a car mechanic may not learn enough math to so be able to balance their check book. A History major may not take home economics and may never learn how to cook.

Students may be divided into different schools or halls by major and therefore may never have experience after middle school socializing with people outside of their profession and thus may be more likely to develop prejudices against other professions.

If all students are funneled into majors that prepare them for jobs in engineering, being a doctor, being a businessman or politician everyone may feel like menial jobs like gas station attendant and grocery store clerk are below them thus creating job crises only able to be filled by immigrant unskilled laborers- and lots of people don't like immigrants.

Eduardo Said:

Help me find a school that offers career training in horsemanship?

We Answered:

I do not know if you will find the right school locally. But I highly recommend you visit william woods university in fulton missouri, or meredith manner (somewhere in virginia...they have a webpage), cazenovia college in upstate new york, Johnson and whales university in providence rhode island has an excellent equine business program and SUNY of cobleskill new york has a phenominal equine program as well. Good Luck you'll find the right one.

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