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Anna Said:

Are there any university courses in Australia where you get financial help to study?

We Answered:

There are two ways in which the government can help with your university fees. If you get into a commonwealth-supported place then under the HECS-HELP programme the government will pay part of your fee and, if you don't pay it yourself, they'll also pay the student contribution amount with a loan. Student contribution amounts are different for different courses, with shortage areas like nursing attracting lower fees. The loan does not incur interest but is adjusted for inflation, and you have to make compulsory repayments if you're earning more than about forty thousand dollars a year. If you make voluntary repayments you get something like a 10% discount, as well.
The other way, if you don't get a commonwealth-supported place, is FEE-HELP. Under this system you enrol as a fee-paying student. The government will still loan you the fees, but the loan is for the full fee rather than the lower student contribution amount that you would have to pay if you were a commonwealth-supported student. FEE-HELP loans attract a once-off 20% interest charge if it is for an undergraduate course.

There are schemes through which HECS debts can be paid by the government. Maths and Science graduates can have up to half of their compulsory repayments refunded if they work as teachers.

While you're studying you may be elligible for an Austudy payment. The most you can get is about $350 per fortnight, and that is reduced if you have over a certain level of income or assets.

Albert Said:

How would a UK law student go about becoming a lawyer in Canada?

We Answered:

Go to this website and ask them what you want to know.
Good luck.

Derrick Said:

any one can tell me?

We Answered:

in pune
there are many institutes
one off them is "Seed Infotech"

Ricardo Said:

I will want to have at least a degree?

We Answered:

As you are now 25 you should be able to study at degree level as a mature student which means that lack of qualifications do not count as they view you as having 'life' experience.
Another thing you could do is ask the university that you wish to study at what the entry requirements for the course you are interested in as the entry requirements can tend to vary
I hope this helps.

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