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Education Training Courses

Dorothy Said:

How does education policy affect courses in PCET (post compulsary education and training)?

We Answered:

The question answers itself. Education policy is the reason there is post compulsary education and training. The education establishment tries to maintain education levels among it's educators to best serve the students. Without compulsary education and training many teachers wouldn't make the time to stay on top of the latest trends (not that I think that is necessarily a good thing...many new trends are just stupid). An educator certainly does not have time during the school year to take courses on a regular basis and who wants to spend their time off taking classes. It must be compulsary. Unfortunately to appear to be proactive many school districts in this nation create courses and training that are often too trendy (everyone jumps on the newest band wagon without really researching the new ideas thoroughly enough or even thinking about it logically...example "whole language"...what a joke and created a whole class of young people that can't read). They can be very redundant as well....taking training class after class that seems to repeat the same sorts of things year after year. The list goes on.

So what is it exactly that you want to know?

Suzanne Said:

Is the eBay Education Specialist Training course worth the money?

We Answered:

Absolutely it's worth the money.

If you're going to teach eBay, you can command a much higher rate when you say you're been trained by eBay and you use the eBay Education Specialist logo. Everyone recognizes the eBay logo and it give you so much more credibility.

In addition, as an Education Specialist, you don't have to prepare any materials. Part of what you pay for is the powerpoint slide presentation which is professionally done. Your students will feel they're getting their money's worth and you will look so much more competent than if you tried to put something together yourself.

In addition, as an Education Specialist Trained by eBay you have access to a private discussion board where you can learn tips from many other ES's and get great support for your training.

Many of us who started out like you, with an eBay business, are now finding that we make as much if not more through our teaching.

So, YES it's definitely worth the money.

Vickie Said:

Are there educational grants for other types of education like 4 week training courses?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Justin Said:

do i put work training courses under 'education' in a job application form?

We Answered:

ok , i have a feeling your resume is way too long , cut your resume down to half a page , in your cover letter say i would like an entry level position and a chance to prove myself to the company i am willing to work myway up as needed by the company.

all you need is your foot in the door. lay it on thick, bring your A game to the interview.

tell them you love the company and want to prove yourself , keep saying you want a chance to show you are worthy , a job isnt a handout, you intend to be a great employee.

good luck

Florence Said:

Growth stock education and training courses?

We Answered:

if u know what is going on, it worth the money. it is not just about knowledge, it is also about coaching you to the top. well, that is just my personal thought. thnx.

Amy Said:

What training/course/education level/ skills do you need to become an airport security guard?

We Answered:

You need a high school diploma and the ability to be incredibly bored and yet not fall asleep.

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