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Education Training Vocational

Oscar Said:

Why do we have to waste time and money with general requirements at the college level?

We Answered:

I fully agree. What is the point of taking general education requirements if you end up forgetting all of it once you are finished? I mean in classes you don't want to take you only become concerned about passing it which means concerned about memorizing what you have to, not processing it for future use.

Dewey, an educational philosopher had it write when he said that the classes we take need to have some kind of use so that it doesn't become dead knowledge.

Of all the sciences classes I ever had to take, guess what the only thing I remember is? It was learning that black clothes make you feel hotter in the summer and white clothes makes you feel cooler. That was in elementary school and that is all that I remember.

The only useful classes in anyone's life is history and English and basic math (not algebra or beyond). And even that is all important to a point. Once you are at college, you know which subjects are your weak points. Why should one have to waste their time and money on those subjects that has no importance on their major?

I fully agree with you. Of all my general requirements I ever had to take the only useful one was public speaking.

I also hate the arguments of being well rounded. You aren't being well rounded if you don't remember those classes because they had no importance in the first place to make it worth remembering. And if college was about education and not careers, then why does one need certification of some sort for every major that has a career linked to it? (accounting, teaching, media studies, advertising etc)

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Josephsmith said:

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The classes taking about the dead knowledge is all about making it possible with making the students learn and understand the subject as per the educational philosopher. Remembering is not the point, understanding is the main criteria.

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Education and Training schools are now combined up in form of vocational institutes and these surely have helped students around all those provisions of guides which must have been initiated by them.

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