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Educational Technical College

Billie Said:

What do you think is a great educational path?

We Answered:

There is nothing wrong with trade schools and such. I think they are underrated, and that college is overrated as a solution to every young adult's problem of picking a life path.

What kind of trade would you enjoy, if any? For construction, the most lucrative are plumber, HVAC technician, and electrician. Forget the other building trades, unless you truly enjoy them.

Or become a machinist.

Car repair tech would be less vulnerable to layoffs during recessions than construction trades.

What if you learned a trade and got a four-year engineering/architecture degree? That would be a powerful combination.

I suspect that any library work would pay poorly. Do it only if you truly love it.

Chris Said:

What do you consider to be the two most significant educational problems or issues today?

We Answered:

The biggest problem today is student apathy. I have many students who refuse to do their homework, refuse to pay attention in class, refuse to study for exams, refuse to do out-of-class assignments, refuse to do anything required to succeed.

The second biggest problem is one that plagues society as a whole: the cell phone. People today are so self-centered that they believe their lives will cease to exist if their cell phones are not constantly turned on so they can pretend they are much more important than they truly are. It has created a culture of rudeness. Students now feel it is totally acceptable to answer their phones in the middle of class and hold a conversation or send text messages - while disrupting the class and making it impossible for their classmates to concentrate on class.

Mabel Said:

Can someone who's a lawyer help me enforce the ferpa law at my alumni college?

We Answered:

Why exactly won't they let you see your transcripts? That seems to be a key point that you have left out. Do you owe the school money?

And your already determing how much the legal fees will be? You can't just ask for $25,000 in legal fees if you haven't spent the money...and you will never get personal damages for this. The most that will happen is that a court will make them give you the transcripts.

Good luck.

Alfred Said:

How to get funds to set up an institution?

We Answered:

Check this out for a reliable and professional, business or academic research help:

You'll be fine...

Arthur Said:

Community college and computer based careers?

We Answered:

30k USD in Japan is poverty level. Ha ha. Move to New York City and get a job with the sanitation [garbage collection] department. Starting salaries can exceed $65,000 and management positions $150,000. This is really the best advice anyone can give. It beats wasting your time in a junior college.

Whatever you do, do not fall into the trap of Christianity or sign your life away to the U.S. Military Occupiers.

I hope you decide to do something much better with your life like collecting garbage for lots of U.S. dollars!

Do your best at work! Go to New York City, it is a good city.



Arnold Said:

How advanced was the educational system in the ancient world?

We Answered:

the answer to your question is quite difficult. in the ancient world most people WERE ignorant. in rome and egypt most people where educated by tutors who werent even from the country. i know for a fact some of julius ceasars tutors were greek and some of alexander the greats tutors were egyptian. to be educated in those times you had to be wealthy or have had wealthy parents. then only the rich were clever. thats why the roman senate was the senate. because their parents where wealthy, had them educated in many subjects including oratory (public speaking) and then the young senators would have used all the skills they learnt to gain standing.

the spartans werent particularly well educated but their entire civilisation was basicaly a millitary academy.

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Apathy is defined as indifference or lack of emotional connection. It is true that the biggest problem today is student disregard for teachers.