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Louise Said:

Life is so confusing to me help?

We Answered:

The more you put into something , the more you will get out of it,

Harold Said:

verbs-present tense and past tense???

We Answered:

There are only 3 verbs in the present tense.

The results of a recent study revealed that learners who embarked on vocational courses during 2003, in either educational establishments or in their places of work, found great difficulty organising their free time. When they tried to include the study needed to achieve the results they HOPED to gain, they often sought out their tutor or trainer and ASKED for assistance with this difficult aspect of time management. This request for help generally resulted in useful suggestions and the learners FOUND that their tutors, teachers were supportive.

Brandy Said:

Tips for drawing grade examination?

We Answered:

hey there.....
following are the answers to your questions.....
Still Life: you might want to use any objects that you like....the most important thing in still life drawing is the usage of light and shade...there has to be a specific source of light (maybe from one side) and then there is a drapery (which is a cloth having multiple folds, placed behind the objects). It is important that you draw the objects the way you see them (from your angle)...keeping in mind the light and shade factor.

Nature Drawing: Includes landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes etc. you might be given a particular subject to draw (like a village scene etc), or it can be at your will as well.Things to keep in mind are perspective (especially in cityscapes), distance (defined by color) and of course the subject - keep it simple and sweet.

Memory Drawing: This is something that is totally upto u. you might be asked to draw anything and everything. There needs to be a proper subject, with good sense of perspective, composition and color. By composition what i mean is the way you have the objects placed in your paintning. they should not be far apart from each other, rather they need to placed in such a way as if they are all together and are communicating with each other in some way....or shall i say complimenting each other.

Design: It is your view of different things. the way you would like to make something or have something appear. most important thing, it should not be complex, and it should be innovative (do not copy)

Free Hand: any drawing without the usage of scale or some other geometric equipments. Lines especially need to be drawn without the usage of scales and stuff. the most effective way to improve this is studying statues, and buildings and monuments etc.

Geometry: Creating paintings with the usage of geometric equipments.

Hope i was able to help you with the information you needed. For any further queries kindly contact me on my email.

Sherri Said:

verb help please?

We Answered:

try,gain,achieve,include,hope and ask
(I found 6)

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