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Healthcare Career Training

Monica Said:

Seeking advice about a Career in Dentistry?

We Answered:

Aside from doing the actual dental work and making the world a better place one smile at a time, you have to get a paycheck. One of the hardest things to do is set fees and stick with that. One of the last people to get paid on the list of bills people pay are doctors and dentist and dentists fall below doctors. We are pretty equivalent to veterinarians as far as viewed by the public. My husband and I do what we do because we love what we do. We give price breaks to A LOT of people and some times people take advantage of that generosity. My husband was never taught the basics of running a dental office when he first opened a private practice and got stung many,many times. There are so many non-dentistry things you have to think about. Staff, do you hire young inexperienced staff until you get a footing? How do you handle staff disputes? Most offices have women staff members and women can be quite tough to work with. Do you join a thriving group practice, if so what percentage will you bring home? When you do cases requiring a lab fee how is that taken out of your pay?
Disputes with patients, if a patient won't pay do you send them to Collection, do you service charge them? Will you bill insurance, will you work with public assistance? Public assistance programs can be a ton of work and very little reward. There are a multitude of questions and don't forget the overhead with all the insurances you need to have in place are very costly?
Talk with, work with a dental office staff that you trust that will be honest with you BEFORE you make a decision on getting into the dental field.

Tyler Said:

Air Force career path 16 yearold female?

We Answered:

Freshman and Sophomore years in HS are considered by most to be more or less "practice." Having bad grades those two years will not necessarily exclude you from traditional schools as the admissions boards-- believe it or not-- understand many people still do not have the maturity to succeed in HS. It is really Junior and Senior years that count. Those are the ones in which you will take classes that actually matter like chemistry and physics.

If you are serious about wanting to succeed, take AP classes and keep your grades up and you'll be surprised at how you GPA will rise. I was in the same boat as you- I went into my Junior year in HS with something like a 2.3 and ended up graduating with a 3.2. You are 16, you can barely even drive. Your future is not ruined and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

Don't join the Air Force because you feel its your only option- it's not and you'll just end up absolutely hating it. If, however, you want to join it because its something you think you'll enjoy, then by all means.

Keep in mind that support roles like healthcare don't do any actual fighting. You may still get deployed if they find they need an orthodontist in Baghdad, but the likelyhood of you actually having to shoot at people is extremely slim.

Generally the military will pay for your education in return for either 8 or 10 years of service- I can't remember and it varies by branch. But even though that is a long time, if you are doing something you enjoy, then it won't be a problem and you'll graduate as a comissioned officer.

Good luck!

Howard Said:

Career Suggestions?

We Answered:

Medical Assisting is an 8 month program. You will be learning about diseases, emergency management, first aid, human anatomy, medical law, terminology, venipuncture, vital signs, and nutrition. You would then have the opportunity to find careers in group homes, hospitals/doctors offices, or medical supply companies.

Lucille Said:

What's the right career for me?

We Answered:

Lawyers charge enormous amounts of money, and they get it even if they win or lose!!! How could you go wrong with that. I hate lawyers, but they sure are wealthy. They're kinda like meteorologists. Anything that comes outta their mouth's is bull.

Joann Said:

if any healthcare professionals would like to help me out?

We Answered:

1. Registered Nurse
2. General studies are fine, you learn what you need to know in nursing school.
3.They used to train nurses on the job, not anymore, now you have to have a degree.
4.I attended the University of Washington, and in my opinion it's the best school of nursing in the country.
6.not having attended another college, I can't recommend one.
7. It took me three years, I was in an accelerated course, usually takes four to get a BSN.
8. One has to have compassion, determination and assertiveness.
9.That I make a difference in people's lives, that I save lives.
10. The paperwork involved.

Steve Said:

is being a massge therapist a good career,could I make a life for myself on that kind of job?

We Answered:

I've seen on other message boards how some do struggle while trying to get regular customers in their database though not sure if it depends on region too. Having a passion for something is really key in being successful as well as having the physical (and mental) stamina which MT can be quite physically taxing with the client sometimes asking for an hour-long massage. It's great that you have a lot of confidence in your abilities. If interested in attending school, please forgo those private $$ career schools and instead opt for the county vo-tech school or community college (perhaps non-credit course) as long as it's accredited within the industry.

General career info: and can search 'massage therapists' or such.

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