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Job Training Programs

Lydia Said:

How can find free monies for housing assistance and job training programs?

We Answered: will give you some sources for grants on housing. For job training, there's Goodwill or your local employment commission.

Joyce Said:

What other job/training programs are there similar to Job Corps that will take 16 and 17 year olds?

We Answered:

None on the fedral level. However a lot of states and cities have that type of program. Need to contact the ones in charge and see what happens.

Bessie Said:

Where are free "on the job" training programs in Sacramento?

We Answered:

unions with there apprentices programs!!!

Tara Said:

dose anyone know any job training programs ?

We Answered:

I self taught myself and got great jobs.
I got the microsoft package - gift from someone that had it at work.

Got a book on word - studied it to death
Excell, power point, outlook, etc.
Not just a little bit - but extensively.
These books are amazing.

Went to a temp agency.
They gave me a test on all the software packages that I said I knew.
I passed with flying colors.
Also bought myself a typing tutor - and did 80 wpm.
Was never out of work ever again and put myself through school.

Eugene Said:

are there any free job training programs in Portland, Oregon?

We Answered:

i have the exact answer for u. there ll be a free business opportunity meeting on March 27, 2008, 6:00pm-7:00pm at Open To Wellness Center
400 Virginia Street
Kyle Building Suite 207
North Bend, OR 947459
my name is AYHAN UNLU n my id is T1211458. At the registration desk say that u r my guest.
n contact me after meeting. see u soon

Discuss It! said:

The number of government vocational training institute are organized different profession training programs for the peoples who wanted to increase their skills and wants to develop their professional skills as well. That is quite informative question answers are share related to job training programs.

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There are many job training programs involved with now a days but the thing is to find a reliable and genuine one is what matters, otherwise you cannot get your desired subject and skill from the study.

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