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Jobs With Training

Justin Said:

How many Green Jobs has Lord Obama saved or created?

We Answered:

James studies from Europe show that for every 'green' job created there, two were lost. Also China produces 70% of the acid rain. Sec Clinton went there and told them to stop polluting. They told her that the American and European corporations sent their industry there to escape the environmental regulations that made it cost prohibited. They asked for help and she said no. Even when they met at Copenhagen about the only thing they agreed on was no help for China, which is nuts.

This acid rain is produced because they use coal to fuel their electrical plants. We do the same thing, but we use technology and "wash" or scrub the coal first. This removers 985 of the pollutants.

Now wouldn't it be a good idea to sell them the technology and send our technicians over there to install it and spend millions and cut world wide pollution in half in no time? instead here the administration wants to spend billions turing "green' and maybe reducing our carbon footprint a point or two. By the way the stuff they are going to buy from GE is made in China like the giant windmills, thus creating more acid rain.

Now this acid rain over there kills about half a million children and elderly folks due to pulmonary problems. This acid rain floats over South korea, Japan and over here and lands on California. No wonder LA is a smog bowl and know telling how much the medical costs associated with the stuff are. You may remember seeing the smog during their Olympics.

Anyway someone needs to tell them for millions we can reduce this overnight and also reduce our trade balance with them, instead of ruining the economy.

Japan is suppose to be cosigning a note with them to help, but this is real important and I am sure if the corporations and environmentalist knew it was killing so many they would immediately call their congressmen.

so if he does create any of them, we lose two normal jobs.

Constance Said:

Jobs that require little training?

We Answered:

That depends on your idea of what short term training means. Going to community college for two years means you could go into nursing or other medical services and make 30-50k as soon as you graduate. Some places, like nursing homes or hospitals, also offer training for these positions, and you work while you train. Trade schools will help you get a job as an electrician or carpenter, and you make decent money doing that. Cosmetology school typically takes one to two years, and they can do okay at more upscale salons. For the very short term, you could become a server at a restaurant, or perhaps a cook.

Whatever you decide, good luck.

Penny Said:

What Air Force jobs have training longer than six months?

We Answered:

In tech school there are usually 4 phases. In phase 1 you can't leave the base and must be in uniform at all times. You usually reach phase 2 after 2 weeks, in phase 2 you can wear civilian clothes on the base, but if you want to leave the base, you must wear your blues, and be back by 2200. After another two weeks, you reach phase 3, in phase 3 you can wear civilian clothes off base, and from the end of day on Friday to Sunday night you don't have a curfew. Once you reach phase 4, which can be a month or longer after reaching phase 3, your family is allowed to reside with you. Any tech school that is longer than 20 weeks will allow your family to reside with you during phase 4, as long as your training is all in one location, or at least the majority of it is.

Also keep in mind, if two months is hard, just wait until you deploy for 4 to 6 months. And don't listen to the recruiter when he says you probably won't deploy, you will.

Carla Said:

What kind of jobs or training do you need to work with kids with learning disabilities?

We Answered:

I did it for 4 years on the direct care end of it not the teaching aspect. I just had on the job training. Some instructor positions (for adults with disablities) are just 2 years experience working with them and any associates degree. It could be in doesn't matter. If you want to be a special ed teacher then you have to have a special ed degree. for a QMRP (qualified mental retardation professional) you need a bachelors

Melinda Said:

What to do when you have two different job training at the same time?

We Answered:

I have hired from 6 various views at keeping the malls I built
in competition, safety and quality. Really, the drive lately for
people to be managers for moving into responsible jobs is up.
Though this point may be worth hearing of for you, some shoppes are not quality employment per supervisor. There are
lots of inexperienced people working in the malls. So besides
being polite to the office schedueler for your training day, keep
this in mind that you are hired also by the employment office that
wants you to do well. Don't get conflicting ideas about work if
your employer is himself low in experience. Have fun, the mall is
a property for your to consider as part of your good life. The
advice to call now, and let the second interview hear from you is
accurate. Employers really do hope to keep you working in areas
that you love, are very good at, or want to learn.

Elizabeth Said:

about jobs listings in the air force reserves and how long does the training school last?

We Answered:

The one that I hear most about is Services which is a six weeks course. (Not a job I was interested in ever.) I am almost positive that your recruiter has a list of AFSC's and how long the tech school is. This is good link but its only current as of Oct 1999:…
Stay away from some of the medical and intel. Most of the intel schools are around 6 months. You might want to consider the fact that you will most likely miss a semester of school.

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