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Medical Vocational Training

Robert Said:


We Answered:

CNA - you work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in a nursing home due to Medicare regulations. Essentially it is a nursing assistant that has taken a skills and written test. Pay depends on the facility and does pay somewhat above minimum but less than a LPN / LVN. Finally this type of job typically, not always, require that you work weekends, holidays, and you may have to work overnights.

Medical Office Assistant - you work in a doctor's office and help the clinic out . You may be setting up the room, answering calls, data entry, and booking appointments. Pay is above minimum and depends on the size of the office.

Medical Clerical - Similar to medical office assistant but in this role you are doing clerical duties such as distributing mail, booking appointments, answering the phone, and other jobs as the clinic sees fit. I do not suspect that you would be expected to transcribe notes nor would I expect that you would be typing letters. Pay above minimum but I would expect that if Medical Office Assistant and this role required equal experience I would expect that the Medical Office Assistant to pay more because the Medical Office Assistant role I see as a revenue generating role due to contact with patients.

Pharmacy Technician, Working in a pharmacy, hospital, or pharmacy mail order distribution center for an insurance company. You are filling prescriptions under the direction of a pharmacist. There is a bit more latitude in the role than the other roles listed due to these jobs tend to require at least some college. Depending on the role and experience required they can pay more than the other roles listed. Furthermore depending on where the role exists you might be required to work weekends, holidays, and overnights too.

To answer your question which is better, that depends on what is important to you, your skills, and level of education.

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