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Occupational Therapy Courses

Eileen Said:

What's the nicer course, Occupational Therapy or Radiologic Technology?

We Answered:

The market for rad techs is terrible. And the program is very stressful. Go for OT.

Gene Said:

College Help in Pre Physical and Pre Occupational Therapy?

We Answered:

Hi there,
You can actually go into occupational therapy school with any bachelors degree. The important thing is that you fulfill the prerequisites of the the OT program you want to apply to. Most programs require anatomy and physiology, statistics, and several psychology courses. You could do a pre-PT major and then apply, but you are probably better off doing a degree in something like kinesiology or psychology.
I am in OT school now and people in my class have done their undergrad work in everything from English, to biology, to art, to physics, and everything in between. My best advice would be do something you are interested in!
If you have any other questions feel free to send me an email! Best of luck.

Tonya Said:

Can I take my prerequesite courses at a community college for the Occupational therapy Master's Program?

We Answered:

They will accept some of the credits. To be 100% sure, contact the University or CC.

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