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On The Job Training

Joseph Said:

I need help with a debate on academic learning vs on the job training?

We Answered:

For job training it can be subjective as to what you learn, depending on the workplace and often people do not apply themselves and do not work efficiently. A pro is that you can work in a practical sense and learn social skills as well as general workplaces skills/etiquette.

Academic learning teaches students directly, so they learn what is necessary. It also ensures students are taking the information on board and acknowledging it. A con is that students cannot practice putting their knowledge into a real workplace context.

Lorraine Said:

How is Obama doing with his "on the job training"?

We Answered:

He's not even qualified to be a bagger at Krogers.

Clarence Said:

what are some of the policies or regulations that invovle within Job training?

We Answered:

The policies and regulations vary widely by company and the type of job. Whether it is covered by a union contract may also affect the policies and regulations.

Scott Said:

Will I be able to complete census job TRAINING with my leg in a cast?

We Answered:

I agree with the answer given by msoexpert. To expand on that, it really depends on your neighborhood - which is likely the area that you were hired for. One of the functions of the job is to go to households that didn't fill out the questionnaire. If you are assigned a multi-level building with no elevator, then you may have a problem (or you may find that you don't), depending on how well you can get around on your walking cast.

Your week of training will be in a classroom-style setting during the majority of the week. However, towards the end of the week you likely will be sent into the field under observation to make sure that you understood training and can do the work properly. As long as you will be able to carry around your supplies and census materials (and keep them secure) then you should be fine; however, this determination is up to your supervisor (your crew leader, who will likely be the one giving your training).

My advice would be to speak with your trainer on the first day and explain the situation so that they know you are willing and should be able to do the work.

Vernon Said:

How can one get on-job training, project help when company is not offering training because of budget?

We Answered:

On the job training? - what are you working there for? Get another job in same industry, this time check to see if they have any extension courses to improve your value to the company.

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To expand on that, it really depends on your neighborhood - which is likely the area that you were hired for. One of the functions of the job is to go to households that didn't fill out the questionnaire.

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