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Diane Said:

What do you think of Kaplan College?

We Answered:

On-line schools like Kaplan are in business to do one thing and one thing only take your money! YOu would be much better off going to either a state university or a community college to earn your nursing degree. You can start out at a community college and then transfer to a state college if money is an issue. Most of the classes you take at a community college will transfer to a state university call the academic advising department at your local community college and see what they can offer you! I hope this helps! Good luck with school!

Wesley Said:

My friends say this guy may like me. IDK tho!!?

We Answered:

yea maybe he likes you! it may be possible :) why not! what can i tell you..? continue this new relationship.. right now like just friends.. nd then, there's time to know him.. nd there's time 4 him to know you too.. live this guy like a good new friend.. nd then.. the time will help you! good luck :)

Harvey Said:

Do i have to go to a vocatioanal college in order to become a video game designer?

We Answered:

There are actually a couple of universities and colleges that I know of that offer degree programs in video game design. Devry University, for example, offers a bachelor's degree in video game design that might be just what you are looking for. This article might also be very helpful to you:…

There are a few more schools listed there. Good luck!

June Said:

Where do you go, when theres no place to go?

We Answered:

I am a 100% service connected veteran. I didn't get it easy. I had to pound on desks. If your local VA office is giving you a hassle, try going to a service organization such as the DAV, American Legion, AMVETS. Paralyzed Vets Assoc. These organizations have service officers to help with your battle for what is rightly due to you. I would also look into non-workability with the VA. That is a special rating based on your ability to work. You will have to go thru all the medical/mental exams again, but it is worth it. If I knew what state you lived in I could possibly give you someone to contact.

Good Luck and thank you for your service.

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