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Online Vocational Education

Monica Said:

Not sure if college is right for me?

We Answered:

College is not for all. I suggest that you take on board some voluntary work that can help you decide where you would like to work.Looks good on your resume too.Go back to college when you have something more concrete in mind.

Ernest Said:

i'm getting ready to start college and?

We Answered:

The following may suit:

Trouble is for medicine you need a few specific subjects (English, math, physics, biol, chem) some of which probably require lab work. They would need to be part of the general education requirements and may require some college attendance.

Online study is ok (I am doing a graduate degree myself) but IMHO at least some face to face is beneficial. The following, or something similar, while not entirely online, would be a better option IMHO…


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Some voluntary actions and ideas may dismiss your experience of vocational training so you must need to qualify everything that you acquired and needed to maintain.

Annie said:

The answer is right,college isn't for all but you must give it a try, and if it's not for you then you won't be mad that you didn't apply at all.

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The trend of online education is increasing day by day. This is a good step towards a bright future.

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Vocational programs and various such like activities would help students in bringing around all those values which must have been followed by the one.

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I was searching for this but can you tell me some more details about the online vocational education?

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Now a days the cost of living has become very high and it is not easy to buy things for middle-class people when needed

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VET will furnish you with capabilities going from Cert II to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. It covers countless and ventures like office work, retail, innovation, neighborliness and various exchanges.

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