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School Training Courses

Brent Said:

Michael Ellis school of dog training, thinking of taking some of his courses?

We Answered:

I've been to 3 or 4 Mike Ellis seminars. He's intelligent, notices little things, funny, and cusses a lot, right up my alley aye?

His protection theory is spot on...I've never heard him say anything anybody who works dogs would disagree with (except the fact he's not all gung-ho with the -push a dog to the limits and if it cracks it was a "bad" dog- theorists).

I'd say take them! I went to more than one of his seminars for a reason! He helped me a ton with targeting and teaching a driving bite.

Louise Said:

Is there any pilot training school which offers courses to commerce students?

We Answered:

While the minimum eligibility for admission in most aviation academies is a sound background in science (especially maths and physics), there are indeed some avenues open for those with arts and commerce backgrounds.

The following link would hopefully answer all your concerns in this regard:

Antonio Said:

Can you give me TMT Aviation school Pilot training course details?

We Answered:

I will give you full details on TMT academy,I am an Indian, i did course in tmt aviation, they give me 200 hour actual. my package was $35,000 USD. i got my full hour. It is not a problem with flight school , problem with students, they will not ask any one, students are not ready to ask, why are you not providing full hour?.
I asked this question to TMT Aviation, They give me my full hours.

I say. study in TMT you will get your actual flinging. learn from TMT,... Come and see the TMT Aviation ... For more information visit their web site at

Louis Said:

Is there a school or training course that will teach someone how to ride a motorcycle?

We Answered:

Just about every stafe offers a Motorcycle Safety Program. Some are free and some cost (The Indiana program costs $75).
You don't need to have a bike as you can hire one at most programs.

To quote the… website:

"The BRC is designed for the beginning rider, but is not limited to only new riders. Riders with experience also find the BRC to be an excellent course. Riders with more experience may consider the ERC (Experienced Rider Course - see next panel).

Courses can take anywhere from 15 to 20 hours to complete depending on weather, overall class progression and other factors. The BRC consists of classroom and on-cycle training, and can be completed in one weekend or 4 to 5 weekday evenings.

$75.00 ($50.00 non-refundable tuition and $25.00 refundable registration fee. The refundable registration fee may not be charged at all sites)
Course materials are provided.
Eligibility - Anyone who is at least 15 years old (under 18 requires parental consent). No permit or license is required.
Successful completion of the course will waive the State skills test for licensing and may qualify you for an insurance discount. "

Jesse Said:

Has anyone done a Fuss Beauty School teeth whitening training course?

We Answered:

I attended the course around 3 months ago, teeth whitening does work but there was some legal grey areas. Now they have launched the B-Zero teeth whitening gel which is the only legal teeth whitening gel in the UK and only fuss beauty school provide it, plus the results are brilliant. I would recommend them as they do know the market and industry - They do give ongoing advice and im quite thankful for that as i am a bit of a pest sometimes. Well worth giving them a call.

Troy Said:

Are there any online optician schools/classes/courses/training?

We Answered:

There are some great study guides online, however no schools or classes that will get you a certification. You have to take a test in person to become certified in most of the states and each state has different requirements. My suggestion is to find a local optical shop and get a job that will familiarize you glasses and lenses. Most independent opticians will be happy to train you, especially if you are truly interested in an optical career. Check out or (on the left handside click on education). On the LaramyK site it has a sample test that you will take to pass the ABO to become certified. Good Luck! I love my job as an Optician. :)

Raymond Said:

I have been offered a training grant only gtp place but the school can't afford the salary?

We Answered:

I am sure that you could do the work as a volunteer but you should check with the institution offering the place rather than the rag tag caravan of strangers on here.

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