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Schools And Training

Norman Said:

When do high schools start training for football?

We Answered:

at my high school we are just starting with our varsity camp. however, we have been lifting every day besides wednesdays since june 7th

Gertrude Said:

what dog training schools are any good?

We Answered:

Instead of looking at the training schools without knowing if they're any good, look for kennels or experienced animal trainers to ask them which schools THEY think are the best.

Mitchell Said:

What are some good computer training schools?

We Answered:

Go to ITT or Devry for computer training.

Raul Said:

Is there any K9 Training Schools in or near Springfield Missouri?

We Answered:

Roberta Said:

Besides Airborne and Ranger School, what are other Army training schools?

We Answered:

airborne is the only one you can get in your enlistment contract. there are alot of other ones though, some of them unit/mos depenedent. keep in mind that there aren't any 19K (tankers) in airborne units. there are 19D (cav scouts) but you wont be working in your stereotypical armored vehicle. you'll be in a humvee.
air assault
HALO/HAHO (wotn get into that as a 11B unless your in regiment)

im sure theres more, why even worry about it before you get to your unit though? you wont get any of them right off the bat, and chances are you'll have to reenlist for them.

Marjorie Said:

Are there professional wrestling training schools for minors?

We Answered:

In Irleand.

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