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Solar Pool Heating Systems - Using Vacuum Tube Collectors

Solar Pool Heating systems are perhaps the most common use of solar thermal heating systems. Traditional solar pool water heaters use black plastic tubing that absorbs the suns energy and transfers the heat to the pool water. The pool water is circulated through the black tubing form the pool and returns back to the pool. Traditionally there is a controller that is used to open and close the pool loop to either divert the water through the solar loop or not. This is decided by a differential temperature logistic. If the solar is hotter than the pool such as during the day then the water is diverted through the solar loop. However if the solar loop is colder than the pool water the valve is closed and the pool water does not go through the pool loop.

The plastic solar pool collectors are cheap but limited in their performance. They are also prone to leaks and require the pool pump to work hard to pump the water up on a roof, consuming more energy. The other problem they have is that they are very susceptible to wind. In certain windy locations the black plastic tubing can lose more heat from the wind than it can gain from the sun resulting in very poor heating performance.

With modern advances in solar heating technology, solar vacuum tubes have proven to be a far superior solution. The vacuum tube pool heating system works in any wind condition and performs even in cloudy conditions. Solar pool heaters using vacuum tubes run on a closed loop system and as such don’t rely on the pool pump to overcome the head pressure. They are also very reliable as they life expectancy is well over 20 years meaning your return on investment is greatly increased.

Solar Pool Heating SystemsThe vacuum tube solar pool heating systems use a heat exchanger to transfer energy from a closed solar loop to the pool loop. This means that the solar loop is not directly exposed to corrosive chlorine or salt water there by protecting the loop. The same differential controlling system is used so that when the solar loop is hotter than the pool loop, energy is transferred to the pool. Advance features such as nocturnal cooling can also be used to help keep the pool from overheating in the summer.

A typical investment in a solar pool heating system with vacuum tubes is generally about 2 times the cost of a traditional heating system but it can easily produce 2-3 times more heat energy and does not rob the large pool pump of its energy. The result is a typical payback in 2-5 years.

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