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Tech Training Schools

Mildred Said:

pharmacy tech training schools under $300?

We Answered:

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! You don't need a school for pharmacy tech Just go buy a study guide for the test study it and you will pass It's not hard at all and you are just throwing away 100's of dollars to pay someone to go over the test with you such as those school...the next testing date is in Sept.

Veronica Said:

Will I have a break between Air Force basic training and tech school?

We Answered:

There will be no break. On Sunday, after graduation, you will be put on a commercial plane and flown to Monterey at which point you will be taken straight to the base. In Tech School the first month is similar to Basic in that there are a lot of restrictions, but after that you'll be given more liberties. But, you will not have a break or be able to take leave until after Tech School is finished.

Heidi Said:

If I go to basic training Feb. 16, which Airforce Tech Schools start around the time I get out?

We Answered:

After tech school you'll go straight to your tech school (you'll have your job before you finish BMT). You'll probably wait there doing random work around the base until your classes start. The average wait is about two weeks but it all depends on where you end up going and what job you get.
General aptitude area... Wait, open general? You know what that means, right? Security Forces, Services (cook or other random jobs), and Information Management are the three most likely jobs you'll end up getting because they're the most undermanned jobs in the Air Force.

Karl Said:

Can we get married between basic training and tech school?

We Answered:

he will go straight to tech school, even if his class doesnt start for several weeks. AF doesnt give leave between BMTS and school.

Anne Said:

how can schools like Penn Foster offer vet tech training if it's a course that requires clinicals?

We Answered:

In order for an on-line vet tech program to be AVMA accredited they must have some way to train their students clinically. The way they do it is they require distance learners to have "mentorships". The student finds a veterinary clinic willing to teach them those clinical skills and this is a requirement of the program. Many require you to video tape yourself performing procedures and require a licensed veterinarian to sign off on your clinical skills. For this reason, it's typically those people who are already working in a clinic and want to become a registered tech that participate in these programs. It's not necessarily the best option for those that have never worked for a vet before and don't already have some of those clinical skills.
Penn Foster is only provisionally accredited by the AVMA probably because they haven't produced enough graduates to be properly evaluated. There are other on-line schools that have better reputations.
You can find them here:…

Brent Said:

How long is Air Force Tech Training/School?

We Answered:

the rules are: there is no leave authorized between basic and Tech school. No leave is authorized during Tech school EXCEPT for the two week holiday period between Christmas and New year's. Typically one is allowed to take up to 30 days leave(even if you haven't earned that much) after tech school and before reporting to your first duty station.

Lauren Said:

What can I expect while he's away at basic training / tech school?

We Answered:

One of the most useful pieces of advice I have ever received in regards to my boyfriend's military career is to never expect anything from him. It's hard to wait around, phone in hand, knowing that he will text me as soon as he can, and never sooner. Sometimes he's called to work at times he wouldn't normally be. Just enjoy the time you have to talk/mail/text him as it comes, and know that he wants to be with you, even when he can't.

Nobody else will understand why you are manically checking your phone or run to get the mail.

He will be able to write letters, and you'll be able to write back. I'm not sure about visitation, we've been seperated almost the entire time he's served (18 months). Don't expect any phone calls. I didn't get any calls from my BF during basic, but once he was off to AIT he got to text me, and if I remember a few times he got to call me, too. :)

During AIT he should have some/most weekends off.

After basic, things get easier, but not better. Right now my soldier is "in the field" and basically is no longer working regular hours. His texts are random and sparatic, and calls are lost in the middle of sentences, when he can call. I thought, after basic, things would get so much easier, and they did, but I was wrong to assume they'd stay that way.

I really wish somebody explained this to me before, and maybe it would've been easier. Maybe not, so I hope this helps you as much as advice some very wonderful ladies have given me!

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