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Technical Schools New York

Catherine Said:

Moving to a new high school in the senior year a bad idea?

We Answered:

well... it can be a bad idea, depending on the situation.
you have to think about the requirements for graduation for each school. do you think the classes he's taken so far will be equivalent to the classes needed for graduation at the new school? if the the new school doesnt accept the classes as being equivalent, he may be required to take more classes causing him to be held back a year, or even more.
another thing might be that he will almost start from scratch again even if hes almost done with school. its like making friends all over again, then making friends over again, again when entering college.
but i think the most important thing is making sure he wont be held back at the new school for insufficient "equivalent" credits. from there, you would have to think if its really going to help him improve by making this switch. what the pros and cons will be.

Nicholas Said:

Technical schools in New York with job placement?

We Answered:

get a certification in computers

Lillie Said:

How hard was the Shsat in New York?

We Answered:

Awww, I am currently a freshie at stuy, last year the verbal as well was VERY EASY, the math however was quite difficult. I had a debate tournament that day (STUY SPEECH AND DEBATE KICKS ***). I am happy to see a correlation. I hope all of you did well, btw I never finished my test, I randomly bubbled in 7 questions at the last minute. LMFAO. Oh man, but that was hilarious, the school is not hard. I get an hour of hw a day and have about a 94.67 average so far (I'm weird). Can't wait to see some of you next year! :)

Allan Said:

How can i join the New York University ?

We Answered:

Ghanou, Try asking a staff member for help.

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