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The Vocational College

Shane Said:

Should I go to sixth form college or vocational college?

We Answered:

I think you should go to College to be honest you get more freedom, in sixth form its all rules rules rules and bad consequences if you break them plus your attendance has to be over 95%, so you'll rarely get to take days off if you're sick or can't be bothered to go to college. Travel and Tourism is a REALLY good course to take because you can travel and stuff and when you've finished the course you're very likely to get hired.

If you go to Sixth Form to study Geography, the subjects that would go with it are Biology, and Travel & Tourism, but you should really speak to your the sixth form person about those choices first and no you don't have to go to University after you've finished sixth form, instead you can get a job if you want to.

Julio Said:

Should I go to a Vocational college or a Junior College?

We Answered:

go to a jr college for a year. if u like it you can transfer after two years to a university n get ur degree. dont like it, then go to a vocational school.

George Said:

Is the Art Institutes a University or Vocational College?

We Answered:

It is a vocational school. You typically do not need ACT or SAT to attend, just the ability to pay.

June Said:

Should i go to Community or Vocational College to be an Administrative assistant?

We Answered:

Community college is better because it is more respected by potential employers. And you can get an Associates degree at a community college. Also a vocational school does not have the budget that a community college does (more money $$$ means better learning environment etc).

Jimmy Said:

Does CNI vocational college issued the I20 visa for international students?

We Answered:

Begin with the I 20 visa application and then obtain the F-1 visa to continue studies if you wish. Check CNI to make sure they have the forms. Best website for information is

Christina Said:

Do you still get financial aid if you have bad grades at a community college and transfering to a vocational?

We Answered:

yes of course it will effect on your financial aid first you should concentrate on your studies

Lester Said:

What's the difference between a four year college and a vocational college?

We Answered:

Four year colleges don't teach you how to repair appliances.

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As you asked this question my recommendation is that it is better to go for vocational college rather than going to Sixth Form College. The subject thought in vocational course is that it has lot of practical classes involve in it and very short theory which can help you get some practical knowledge and gain some experience about that subject.

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