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Trade Training Schools

Dawn Said:

are there any schools that offer training/continuing education of or for the electrical trade in washington?

We Answered:

I will assume you mean the state of Washington. The link below will bring you to a directory of all two year technical schools in the state. Most will offer programs in electrical trades. You can also look for apprenticeship programs - these require both work based learning and class work.

Michael Said:

What kind of school offers the option of going into training for a trade?

We Answered:

The schools usually have the word vocational or technical in their names./

Gene Said:

How do I get an Animal Training degree certified in Texas?

We Answered:

check with the veterinary department which is the best course / course of action to take

Barry Said:

What kind of position/career could a slow (borderline mentally challenged) person do?

We Answered:

I think it is great that she has you to encourage her and help her. The community college she attended should have been there to support her. Did she notify them that she was a special education student? The CC my students go on to have SPED services. Try talking with a counselor there. If not, working at a pre-school is a great idea, providing she likes working with children. Perhaps your local library, or a retail store. You might try small doctors offices where she could file or answer phones. Check with the high school she attended and ask her former teachers for suggestions. In my area, our students are referred to a regional center which can provide services for them beyond high school.

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