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Training And Jobs

Allan Said:

how can training intensive jobs like firefighter nurse and teacher pay so little?

We Answered:

In Toronto (and I think surrounding areas and the rest of Ontario too), firefighters work 24/7...literally. But it's only for a week out of the month. Teachers get two months paid vacation and they can even make more during the summer if they opt to teach summer school. Meanwhile, the rest of us has to work all year the nurses. My guess for that is there's just not enough money to satisfy the demand.

Bill Said:

Any computer jobs that have on job training?

We Answered:

All computer jobs have on the job training. You just have to prove yourself competent enough that the employer will feel confident that you will understand the training.

Eric Said:

What are some good paying jobs that require no college, just training during the job?

We Answered:

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Rodney Said:

What are some good jobs/careers that only require on-the-job-training and/or where can i search for these jobs?

We Answered:

The only job I found that has on the job training was in the Army. I was going to college to get a degree in Admin of Justice, and applying for the police departments. I signed up for the Army Reserve. They trained me as Military Police. If you sign up regular Army, you will have a job when you are done with your training. They have many occupations available.

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