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Training Courses Education

Tim Said:

What training/education would someone need to teach at the community college level?

We Answered:

I would think he would be qualified, the only thing I see that they might require is some type of education certificate. Some community colleges are more lenient than others, but some require some sort of education courses before teaching.

Russell Said:

I am looking for a drivers training course.?

We Answered:

You should be able to find a list of driving schools in your phone book or on Yahoo Yellow Pages. Any reputable driver's ed school offers a driver's ed class which invovles classroom instruction and driving time. Even if you are over 21 you would still take the same class as kids in high school. If you already have your learner's permit and just need private driving time most places offer that too. I paid for 14 hours driving time and passed my driving test the first time. It was pricey, $700, but i had no one else to drive with and believe me it is well worth it. If you dont have a car, ask the school if they can administer the driving test. In my state you dont have to go to the DMV to take the test. I used the driver's ed car and only had to pay $30. Then i just took the paperwork to the DMV and got my license. Best thing i ever did. Good luck to you!!

Dustin Said:

We should use teachers trained under Education courses in IPTA or teachers trained under KPLI?

We Answered:

We should get teachers trained in Singapore ....what a difference that will make !

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This post makes a lot of sense indeed and I appreciate the work said:

The person who wants to teach in community college level must have teaching certificate which was issued by the board of education and at same time must also have some good experience in teaching. He must and should have this qualification or else he not eligible to teach in community college. said:

If you want to become a teacher at the community college level, you must be graduated or post-graduated. The training courses are provided in lots of educational institutions throughout the country. You must have to select the subject and institution as your wish!

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