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Training For A New Career

Robert Said:

I am comtemplating training for a new career. Any paralegals, tell me how you like your job.?

We Answered:

I used to teach paralegal classes and I have seen paralegals in all aspects of the profession. There are many online programs that will allow you to get a good paralegal education. Since you already have an associate degree, you should try to get a job in a law firm and work your way into a paralegal position.

If you have questions, feel free to email me.

Kelly Said:

What real estate company does the best training for new unexperinced agents? I live in Michigan?

We Answered:

I heard Coldwell Banker is pretty good.

Debbie Said:

I moved for new career with training to be provided. No training is really going to happen. What should I do?

We Answered:

wow, get shot of this, tell your boss to shove it an leave.

Seth Said:

Is 56 considered too old to start training for a new career? I am considering dental assisting.?

We Answered:

Never too old .How is your overall health?

People are living a lot longer and working longer.

Rafael Said:

I need re-training for a new career.What would be a good choice?

We Answered:

I'm confused - you said "non-physical", but say you are considering being a mechanic which is physical.

Options for items that can be learned in a tech or community college that are "non-physical":
(1) Bookkeeping
(2) Computers: Security/Networking/Support/Programming
(3) Drafting
(4) Human Services: Substance Abuse Counselor, etc.
(5) Medical Assistant - Office Support
(6) Paralegal

If you can do some physical items, Nursing is ALWAYS hot for employment.

Herbert Said:

How to start in a new career (HR or training)?

We Answered:

Have you explored opportunities with your own company in HR? You most likely have performed some HR type of duties in your current role so you may not have to start over if you have a strong reputation. Your personality and business skills are more important than a degree in HR. It is fairly normal however,for a person who changes careers to move down in position. is a good place to learn about the field. Best wishes

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That is good that you have selected Paralegals for your new career it is very good one and has lot of good opportunities in it. There some best training institutes present and they are offering this course in paralegal education online. This may help you to train yourself and get good job in law field.

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