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Uk Vocational Training

Perry Said:

Why not Work for the Dole for the UK?

We Answered:

Your full of it aren,t you .

Virgil Said:

I'm in the UK and want to move to America for a year to work...?

We Answered:

Contact BUNAC. They are fantastic at helping arrange visas for people to work in countries such as the USA.

Christina Said:

Need Help From Engineering Professionals IN UK?

We Answered:

use perhaps the Riemann's dzeta function

Corey Said:

what do you think the growth of 8% of GDP in Brazil?

We Answered:

61% of Brazilians are middle class/upper class.
Workig class/poor are less than 40%. Last 8 years, the purchasing power of this class has improved.

What the world must learn? In a few words:
1- Capitalism is self destructive. Capitalism will always need/have competition, concentration of resources, unemployeds, poverty, economic crisis and sometimes war.
2- Governments must evolve to a new consciousness.
3- The new consciousness for the 21 century is: promotion of peace, respect to the differences, ecology, education, fight against hunger.
4- Every human being has the right to live with dignity. It is about sharing, not conquer.

The UK will return to its glory days? When it was exactly?
Today the world must talk about social inclusion. British Imperialism will be not supported as it was in 19 century. That was not glorious, that was a shame for every man of reason. Because of the greed the 20 century had the most bloody conflict of history: WW1 & WW2 (in fact, the WW2 was a consequence of the first war).

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I need homework help said:

Today the world must discuss social consideration. English Imperialism will be not upheld as it was in 19 century.

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Why do you need to move to America from UK for work? Don’t you have better countries in your country itself? I suggest you to work where you live. Moving to a country and starting a new life there is not easy. said:

Very to the point post. Life is bursting full of distractions and cynics who will discourage you. But it's important to remember that life is also full of opportunities.

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Vidello Review said:

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