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Vo Tech School

Jerry Said:

can a person get a grant for a technical school?

We Answered:

It really depends on the school. The widely-known Federal Student Aid programs like Pell grants and Stafford loans aren't intended for high school students (you have to have a high school diploma or GED in order to qualify). However, some certificate programs may qualify, so it's worth asking if the school is "Title IV eligible" (if they don't know what you mean by that, the answer is likely "no").

There is limited scholarship funding out there for high school students. Try this site for some guidance:…

Now, if it turns out that you are eligible to obtain financial aid as if your program is of the "higher education" ilk, there are plenty of private sources out there. There are a variety of places you can seach for funding: libraries, your former high school, your future college, clubs/associations near you, and the internet:…………

Pursue funding from as many legitimate sources as you can. Don't be discouraged if you are turned down for a few (or more than a few). All scholarships, including the small ones, are competitive. You do need to be wary of scholarship scams, not the least of which is the claim that that there are "tons of unclaimed scholarships" just floating around out there. For information on this myth (and other scams), try reading these pages:………

Shannon Said:

Medical school?

We Answered:

The person above me covered things pretty well, but I'll just put what I would have said:

I think what people mean when they say an extra 2 years of school is that you need to get a bachelors degree on top of your associates degree. After that you'll apply for med school and med school is another 4 years. After med school, you'll have another period of residency training (at least 3 years, up to 8-9 years depending on your specialty). I only mention this because it sounds like the amount of schooling matters to you.
If this still sounds like something you want to do given the time commitment, you will have to make sure when you get back to school for a bachelors that you earn credits for math (up to calculus), biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, etc. if you haven't already done so. It sounds like you have enough clinical experience just being a medical assistant, but you can supplement that with research experience. Finally, you'll need to get high grades in all your classes, especially the science ones. Depending on which medical school you want to make it to, you'll want to get at least a 4.5. Better schools look for around 4.8. In addition, you'll have to complete the MCAT test by the end of your second to last year getting your bachelors. This score is critical as well, and some schools won't let you into an interview without a certain score. You applications need to be completed the summer before your last year, and you'll need to write a personal statement as well as have several recommendation letters.
The path to becoming a medical doctor is not an easy one, but if you have the commitment and it looks like the right experience to confirm your passion, you will get a lot out of it. As the person said before me, you can also consider becoming a nurse (RN), which is considered pretty well paid, and it will be less schooling and not as hard to get in. Good luck.

Vera Said:

anyone know anything about the school, STVT?

We Answered:

pl confirm with dept of education.

Arnold Said:

School injury questiom?

We Answered:

Did your teacher put your finger in the grinder? If he did, then you have a pretty good lawsuit.

If you were just clumsy and did it to yourself, then you can expect your lawsuit to get thrown out shortly after its filed. Unless the school failed in some duty to you and that caused your injury, you're not going to win a lawsuit.

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