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Roy Said:

What kind of education do you need to become and orthodontist?

We Answered:

Regular college, then Dental School, then a Orthodontist School on top of that. I have a friend doing it and I think after 4 years of college, then 4 years of dental school, she is now in Orthodontist school and that's like 2 years more. But when you get out you make a LOAD of money, so it's worth it if you really like your job! You will have to get good grades in college to get into Dental school, though. But what's most important is that you show you have passion for the job.

Gwendolyn Said:

I am looking for a Vo-Tech center to go to for LPN near Clarksburg WV any help would be help full Thank you?

We Answered:

I would not consider going to a Vocational Technical school. The reason why is they are expensive and they normally do not accept financial aid or loans. They want cash or credit card up front.

Also, the vocational schools will require you to take a bunch of courses that may not be transferred to a community college or University. What if you decide, after becoming an LPN, that you want to continue your education and become an RN? Vocational courses may not transfer over and you will have to take the same courses over again!!!

You should contact your local county community colleges. Most have LPN programs now. They are affordable, and you could get financial aid or loans to help you pay for the school. And the best part is you know that your courses will be transferred to an RN program, or to a University.

I am 24, not much younger than you, and I am trying to become an LPN right now. It's NEVER too late. Trust me, I feel old sometimes because I see the 18 year olds straight out of high school taking the same courses I am. It's embarrassing because I should have graduated already but so what!

I am not familiar with WV at all, but lets say you live in Hudson County, go to google and type Hudson County College into the search bar. Do a search. This is how you can find your local community colleges.

Good luck!!! :)

Victoria Said:

How do i create a batch file that guards against a forced shutdown?

We Answered:

No. Batch files run when you run them - you can't write a batch file to trap a shutdown command. Such a program would have to written in assembly and inserted into the shutdown process itself (it's called a TSR - terminate and stay resident).

Patsy Said:

Sonography degree which is better an Associates or Bachelors degree or doesn't matter?

We Answered:

Real World, get the associates, get the job, work toward the Bachelors. Vo-tech schools are usually best at helping you get a job.

Georgia Said:

What type of army knife is the best? (will choose best answer!)?

We Answered:

I have both, the way I see it is the only real difference between a Leather Man and A Swiss Army Knife is that a Leather Man has a wire cutter and pliers. I carry both with me but I use my Swiss Army Knife a lot more because it's easier to use and all the tools are outside for fast use rather than the Leather Man depending on the model may or may not have the blades saw and file on the outside or inside making you open it up to use them or the tools, the tools are always on the inside as well, taking a little time to get them out as well. Both come in a wide selection of models from basic to extremely deluxe. both are great and will last for many many years, I think Leather Mans are more durable in my opinion. I say both, but your choice will depend on what he needs in his multi tool.……

I carry these with me……
but on the S.A.K the pliers are another style of bottle opener and no screw driver on the back

Marcus Said:

How long will it take to finish up 80 credits on average?

We Answered:

To your first? question: if the college does 4 credits per class and you do the average of 4 classes per semester, the 2.5 years.

In regards to your second question, for low income people, regular college or university is best. The poorer you are the more money you get. It is as simple as that. You have to apply for financial aid for each college, but it's well worth it because they will give your loads of money because if you are accepted to a college, they have an OBLIGATION to make it affordable for you to go there. You don't need technical school or community college, go for the real deal! You will earn a higher level degree and get paid more in jobs.

But anyways, if you don't like that option, community college is best to be used as a stepping stone towards a regular 4 year university or college (as you'll start four year college as a junior). Technical school is if you want to learn a skill fast, get good at it, and get a job and be content with that job and skill for the rest of your life. That doesn't mean you can't make good money if you go to tech school. My father did and he is well off financially and has been with a company for 13 years.

You ultimately have to make this decision though, based on what you want out of life, and how fast you want it.

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