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Vocational Education Jobs

Roger Said:

working abroad/gaining good experience to get decent jobs.?

We Answered:

you are ok, with all your temp work it means there is a lot of work experience you have. and if you want more work experience try volunteering at your local volunteer centre or at a non profit organization, or even in where you want to work. this will give you the experience you want. for more volunteering opportunities look at

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So, it will be not more difficult for the students to regard about every possible stance cited here, furthermore, by the time students will get understand about the guidelines cited above.

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I think the students are not aware of the job opportunities in the vocational sector and they are going after other courses. I feel that the officials should make them known about the various chances for jobs in the vocational sector.

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Govt. must take initial steps to make institutions that can help students in vocational education, this is the segment where we are lacking behind.

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