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Vocational Rehab Training

Lawrence Said:

Can a school official or school psychologist suggest that a disabled student apply for SSI upon graduation?

We Answered:

There's no reason a person can't get SSI and also attend college and get a job if they so choose. I'm currently on both SSI and SSDI and am attending community college with the intent to transfer to a four year college at some point. I don't see anything wrong with suggesting a student apply for SSI/SSDI, but I don't think it should be suggested that they cannot or should not do that and pursue a college education and future employment, assuming they have the desire to do so.

I was in the alternative education program at school and was never discouraged from attending college.

Bobbie Said:

Am I being too hard on my son?

We Answered:

Hm, seeing the background info really clears up the air for me. Your son has emotional and social problems, what you see, he doesn't understand. However, you guys should do a lot more together! Just to get the relationship stronger, since I can see it's quite weak.

You are not being too hard on your son, I can absolutely see why you would say those things! He is just being way too lazy and you need to help him realize what reality is. Be positive and supportive, but also be persistent and understanding.

When he says "I don't have it good here," he means that "we're not rich and I am not enjoying anything life has to offer" OR he is just totally spoiled [sorry no offense since I'm not sure.]

Remember the little steps make a huge difference later on, so I recommend you doing this and see if it'll work [just be patient and don't rush things]:
1 - Plan a vacation together, or even just to go out of town/city for a bit!
2 - Take him to place where BOTH of you can enjoy, possibly a place with a swimming pool or something.

Or if you rather stay home

1 - Ask him to help you with the garden or to rearrange the house
2- Talk to him about things he enjoys! [since guys usually like to talk about themselves] or to start it off you talk about what you enjoy!
3 - Tell him that you love him and you really worry for him, and tell him what would happen if you were not to live for another day! What would he do when you are gone.
4 - Sometimes people like that need a good push, so what you need to do [not saying you're a bad mother!] is to show some power inside the house. Remove his games or anything and tell him to smarten up! Talk to him, don't be boring! Laugh here and there because if you're too serious, you could possibly hurt him even more!
5 - Show him how to do certain things, like laundry or something. If you don't get him involved in certain things he could think that he isn't wanted! But do it together!

I am not sure if any of this will work! Only time can tell.

Don't take it too far and don't take it too fast!

I have a brother like your son.. I get mad at him the exact same way [except with the college and stuff].(He's just so lazy!!!)

And you're not being too hard on him.. you're being a good mother and you should always do what is best for you child.

Kenneth Said:

vocational rehab/college tuition?

We Answered:

Voc Rehab will pay for college if you show compelling reasons why college is the only way you can accomplish your goals. They are resistant to paying for higher education, but they have paid for graduate school when a person needs to advance their career because they need to go in upper management rather than hands on because of their disability.

If you are capable of working, Voc Rehab would likely require you to pay a portion of your college tuition, books, and fees.

Dolores Said:

I'm 46, disabled, no College degree, what to do?

We Answered:

No insurance company, student loans. I got my second bachelors degrees when I was 44, and a second and third graduate degree when I was 46 and 47. I am now $90,000 in student loan debt. I pay it off by a percentage of my income - so the payback is small on a monthly basis.

I used to teach little kids with disabilities and didn't think I could do that anymore with my disabilities


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Congress certified the Vocational Rehabilitation course to help Veterans with service-connected disabilities to organize for, find, and keep appropriate service.


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Congress certified the Vocational Rehabilitation course to help Veterans with service-connected disabilities to organize for, find, and keep appropriate service.

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You are not being too exhausting on your son, I will fully see why you'd say those things! he's simply being method too lazy and you would like to assist him notice what reality is. Be positive and confirming, however even be persistent and understanding.