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Vocational Rehabilitation Training

Stephen Said:

Disable Veterans needs Training to be employed?

We Answered:

I have found that it is advisable to find out who your regeonal area veterans service's officer is. Even check to see if any of your Congressmen and/or Senetors are on any of the Military Sub-committees, They love to talk and get their names mentioned in congressional meetings and they really do have some substantial pull.

GOOGLE VET SERVICE REPS and look through your area. It works but may take some time. The Vocational programs just got a Huge monetary boost last month MILLIONS of dollars. They can send you to the schools that you need They will not allow on-line courses for some reason. People have disputed that with here, But I have been flat out told by The VA vet service folks the it is NO WAY Jose for on line classes. Good luck. How much does 70% get you a month?

Vickie Said:


We Answered:

Vocational rehab. is done on a state level. Not knowing what state you are in, I would say to go online and find your nearest state government office that deals with economic or employment security. Good luck, and I hope you find the assistance you need easily.

Leslie Said:

Why do ppl. think that prison is for rehabilitation?

We Answered:

Hi again. I asked my partner as he has spent 9 years in jail all together in his wild teens/twenties. He had ASPD and a drug habit which turned to heroin misuse in jail. He is now healthy and clean for over a decade and has forged a great career preventing kids from going into'the cycle' What an interesting question! I have strong views about prisons and so called 'treatment hospitals' of forensic natures. It drains allot of the systems money and public purse for nothing. People in prison have 80% likely hood of having ASPD. If this is spotted at the age of development from conduct disorder (14), then it may save millions per year.
I have always found people who have lived and experienced the down in life make great people to know when they have come back. My partner said jails breed criminals and make better criminals as he made good contacts in the drug world he was connected in. It actually made him more money by going to jail as people respected him more for keeping quiet.
All of the people he knew back then are lifers now or dead. so jails do not work, obviously

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All these questions on rehabilitation are quite interesting. Especially the last one, which really caught my eye. I too agree that jails do no good for those who don't want to change. Criminals will improve their skills by learning from others and I don't see jail as a rehabilitation center.

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